Best Inground Pool Cleaner – Products, Buyer’s Guide + FAQs

Looking for the best inground pool cleaner? Read ahead to learn everything about them!

Honestly, I love inground pools. they look chic and beautiful. No matter what material the pool floor has when the blue water gives a minor reflection of the floor, it looks calm and mesmerizing. But! here’s when things take the wrong turn as well. You see, you can’t hide anything in the water. So, even if you have a beautiful pool area with nice furniture etc, the layer of dust on the floor or that spreading algae in the corner won’t get unnoticed.

Whether you have a concrete pool, fiberglass, or stone, you need to clean the pool frequently.

Well, you can choose to hire pool cleaning services, but let’s be honest, it’s not as simple as it sounds. therefore, under such circumstances, buying an inground pool cleaner seems like the right option.

So, if you are looking for the best inground pool cleaner, you are on the right page! Utilizing my years of experience with pools and weeks of research, I have prepared a list of the inground pool cleaners that review to be the best on the market.

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List of Best Inground Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners come in different types. Where some pool cleaners are universal for cleaning pools, others come for specific types of pools. So, before we head towards the best inground pool cleaners, I thought, why not give you a quick review? You will find so many brands in the market, but the thing is, they all are not the same. Different brands offer different features that may or may not be better than the others.

Therefore, it’s ideal to have a quick look at what we have in store for you today before moving towards a detailed review.

Comparison Table

Dolphin Nautilus CC PlusDolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool CleanerWeight: 19 lbs.
2 years
Top Rated Inground pool cleaners
Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White IngroundPentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Weight: 18.8 lbs.
Automatic Vacuum
2 years
Best Inground Pool Vacuum
Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool CleanerPolaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool CleanerWeight: 14.77 lbs.
1 year
Best Pressure Side Inground Pool Cleaner
Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side CleanerZodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner Weight: 20.20 lbs.
1 year
Best Automatic Pool Cleaner For Inground Vinyl Pools
Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly SuctionPentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction Weight: 19.66 lbs.
2 years
Best Inground Suction Pool Cleaner
Aquabot X4 pool cleanerAquabot X4 In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner Weight: 34.4 lbs.
3 years
Best Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner
Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool CleanerPolaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool CleanerWeight: 43.6  lbs.
2 years
Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Inground Vinyl Pools
VINGLI Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Automatic SweeperVINGLI Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Sweeper Weight:
1 year
Best Automatic Pool Cleaner Inground

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner (Top Rated Inground Pool Cleaners)

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

There is a reason why Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the first product on our “best inground pool cleaner” list. Firstly, the brand is known for its durable and intelligent robotic pool cleaners that work like a pro. Secondly, it is super easy to use, and thirdly, it will leave your pool cleaner spotless.



From the first look of this in-ground pool vacuum, you will instantly notice its compact design. With a blue and black body, this pool cleaner will not look awkward in your pool. Thanks to its streamlined design, it is relatively lightweight. Although its body is made of plastic, yet it is durable. Furthermore, you can’t ignore the large handle at the top that is designed specifically to lift it easily.


For the sake of navigation, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus uses CleverClean technology. Because of this technology, the robot can easily sense the bumps in the pool. So, it can create a map of the pool in its system so that it can define a cleaning path for itself by avoiding all such areas. As a result, you won’t have to dive in to rescue the pool cleaner if it gets stuck anywhere. It will move smoothly.

Filtration system

Unlike most pool inground pool vacuums that have either filters for dust or leaves, this dolphin inground pool cleaner comes with two sets of filters. The Spring Filter is made of fine mesh that is ideal for catching large debris like leaves, bugs, etc. however, if you want to clean your pool deeply, eliminating all the dust and sand particles, you can opt for the second ultra-fine filter. Moreover, the filters are straightforward to change and require no extra effort. Above all, the filters are reusable, and you can clean them using a water hose in no time.

Scrubbing brushes

It is efficient in cleaning because of the two rubber scrubbers at the bottom on each side of the cleaner. As the pool cleaner moves forward, these brushings roll faster, scrubbing away all the dirt on the ground. On the downside, because of their fast working, they are exposed to wear and tear sooner. But you can always replace them with new ones.

Cleaning schedule

One of the unique features of this pool cleaner is that you can schedule cleaning times and days. It comes with three options depending upon the cleaning schedule. The option “1” means cleaning daily, “2” means cleaning every other day and “3” means cleaning twice a week. Furthermore, every cleaning cycle lasts for about two hours.

Swivel cable

Above all, most users complain that their pool cleaners’ cord tangles a lot causing them inconvenience. Keeping this in mind, this in-ground robotic pool cleaner features a patented anti-tangle swivel cable. Because of this technology, the cable rotates with the cleaner’s movement thus doesn’t get tangled up.

NOTE: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Good traction
  • Powerful suction
  • Good pool coverage
  • Two sizes of filter
  • Weekly scheduler
  • Auto shut-off
  • Easy to replace the filter cartridge


  • A bit pricy

2. Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground Pool cleaner (Best Inground Pool Vacuum)

Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground

Pentair GW9500 is one of the best inground pool cleaners that have a minimalistic design. This pool cleaner not only scrubs but also vacuums the toughest and most stubborn particles effortlessly. Therefore, it is ideal for both small and large debris giving you a spotless swimming pool.



Pentair GW9500 comes in a simple yet compact design. What I enjoy about this in-ground pool vacuum is that it requires no assembly at all. It has probably the easiest setup ever. All you have to do is hook in the hose, and that’s it. Furthermore, it also comes with a free Vac-port fitting that ensures easy installation into the vacuum line. Thus, it is probably the best inground pool vacuum in terms of convenience.

Cleaning path

Its cleaning path defines the effectiveness of a pool cleaner. The more the cleaning path, the fast is the cleaning. Keeping this thing in mind, the Pentair GW9500 is designed to ensure you get a more extensive cleaning path. Thus, with 15 inches of a path, you get a clean pool within a lesser time as compared to other pool cleaners. Furthermore, the pool also climbs up the wall and performs efficiently in cleaning the deep areas of the pool. However, when it comes to the shallow end, there is room for further improvement.

Steering system

Thanks to the SmartTrac programming, Pentair GW9500 navigates freely and easily around the obstacles. It is programmed to move in an irregular pattern. Furthermore, when it senses an obstacle, it moves around it onto a clear path. Also, the head of this pool cleaner not only rotates but also lifts one side so that it can dodge an obstacle or change its direction. Because of this unique mechanism, it escapes tricky areas without getting stuck.

Bristle drive

The cleaner has bristles around the outline of its bottom. These work as a scrubber, scrubbing away all the dust on the pool floor as it moves forwards and rotates. In addition, it not only removes all the dust off the floor but is also useful in getting rid of the algae. Thus, your pool is clean in no time.

Regulator valve

Another feature that stands out for me is the regulator valve. This valve allows you to control the cleaning speed of the pool cleaner. It means, by turning a knob, you can either increase or decrease the suction power of this cleaner. Most Importantly, it comes with a flow gauge through which you can quickly check the suction flow of the cleaner.


Although the suction inlet is quite large, big debris like leaves can still get stuck in it. For this reason, it is advised that you use a separate leaf trap for catching leaves. In addition, Pentair GW9500 doesn’t have an inbuilt filter. Instead, it uses the filter system of the pool’s pump.

NOTE: Pentair GW9500 comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to setup
  • Climbs walls
  • Adjustable cleaning speed
  • Programmed steering system


  • Can’t clean pool steps
  • Large debris like leaves can get stuck

3. Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner (Best Pressure Side Inground Pool Cleaner)

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Polaris 360 comes with a blast. Being an updated version of the previous model 280, it features improvements that are visible to the naked eye. Apart from having three jet nozzles and fast operation, it works without a booster pump. As a result, it becomes more energy-efficient, leaving it to be the best in-ground pool vacuum on the market.


Belt drive

Most in-ground pool cleaners have one of these two mechanisms, shaft drive, and belt drive. Where the shaft drive mechanism is efficient but works with a lot of parts. However, the belt drive has a few moving parts. As a result, it requires far less maintenance. Moreover, if the belt wears out, you can replace it with a new one with ease. In short, because Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 has a belt drive mechanism, it is far less expensive than cleaners with shaft drive in terms of repair and maintenance.

Back-up valve

You might have experienced watching your pool cleaner gets stuck in a corner either due to the pool’s shape or any barrier. Running to rescue the pool cleaner as it gets stuck is something I find very irritating. But, thanks to the back-up valve in this in-ground pool cleaner, it frees itself is it gets cornered. In other words, there is nothing that can keep it from cleaning.

Debris intake

If you look at the bottom of this pool cleaner, you will see a large opening. This large opening ensures that the cleaner not only sucks in dust and sand but also gets in all the large debris like leaves, pebbles, and acorns. In addition, it features a dual venturi vacuum suction that makes it extremely powerful and sucks in debris within minutes.

Jet nozzles

The reason this pool cleaner is super-efficient is because it comes with three jet nozzles. Because of the power of triple nozzles, the pool cleaner works at a fast speed cleaning its path within seconds. Apart from speeding up its pace, these jet nozzles also help the cleaner to climb up the stairs and walls of the pool cleaner.

Filter bag

Unlike most pool cleaners that connect to the pool’s filtration system, this pool cleaner comes with its filter bag. Now, you know that Polaris 360 collects debris of all sizes, but what you don’t know is that it collects all the debris in its filter bag. So, the debris doesn’t reach the filter basket of the pool’s filtration system and plays a vital role in prolonging its life. Most importantly, this filter bag is removable and reusable. You can simply dislodge it, dump the debris, clean it with a water hose and place it back into the pool cleaner.

NOTE: The Polaris 360 comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Fast operation
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Low maintenance
  • No need for a booster pump


  • A bit pricy
  • Replacement parts are a bit expensive

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4. Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner (Best Automatic Pool Cleaner For Inground Vinyl Pools)

Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner

Among the pool of best inground pool cleaners, Zodiac MX8 is a name you can’t miss. The reason is its high suction power, broad cleaning path, largest debris inlet, and ultra-efficient cleaning mechanism. Consequently, it is ideal for all types of pools and works like no other.


Cyclonic suction technology

Firstly, this barracuda in ground pool cleaner features a cyclonic suction technology. Thanks to this technology, this pool cleaner is potent at sucking all sorts of debris. Its cleaning power is insane that that’s why it can clean the dirtiest of pools effortlessly.

X-Drive technology

Because of the X-drive technology, these pool cleaners won’t have any hang-ups.  Firstly, the dual navigation technology lets it get a cleaning path in such a way that it doesn’t leave an inch of the pool unclean. Secondly, the pool cleaner rotates to a full 360 degrees as well. As a result, it ensures every pool area is as clean as it could ever be.


For the sake of maneuverability, this pool cleaner has X-Trax tires. These tires not only ensure smooth movement along with the pool but also help the cleaner climb the walls of the pool efficiently. These tires allow the cleaner to move faster along the waterlines and continue its cleaning smoothly.

Efficient power source

Unlike most pool cleaners, this cleaner is ultra-efficient when it comes to using power. It is equipped with a flex power turbine that makes it super-efficient even when the pump’s water flow is low. Moreover, it works unbelievably well with a minimum of 20 GPM of water flow. This is precisely why this pool cleaner is ideal for solar, variable speed, and two-speed pumps.

Flow regulator

Apart from the fact that it is ultra-efficient, it also features a flow regulator valve. The primary purpose of this valve is to ensure that the water flow doesn’t exceed the required limit. As the water flows into the cleaner is controlled, the components of the cleaner are less likely to get damage. As a result, the life of the cleaner extends.

Adjustable Intake

A highlight of this pool cleaner is its adjustable intake. Although its debris inlet is the largest of all pool cleaners, making it the best pool vacuums for inground pools, it is totally convertible. It means that you can adjust the inlet according to the type of debris you want it to collect. For instance, if you want to get rid of all the sand grains and dust thoroughly, you can adjust the inlet for small debris. Similarly, if you want it to suck in leaves, acorns, and pebbles, you can adjust the inlet to collect large debris. 

NOTE: Zodiac MX8 comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Easy setup
  • Energy efficient
  • Climbs the walls
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Wide cleaning path


  • Not ideal for small pools

5. Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction (Best Inground Suction Pool Cleaner)

Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction

Among the best pool cleaners for in ground pools, Pentair 360042 shines because of so many factors. Apart from having super strong suction, this pool cleaner is extremely reliable, long-lasting, and efficient. So, if you are looking for an affordable pool cleaner that works best for all kinds of debris, this is the right choice for you.



From the first look of this inground pool cleaner, you will notice a one-part cleaner with no gears or wheels. SO, it is a pretty simple cleaner that is super easy to use. Because it has no parts, it bypasses the fuss of wear and tear of parts, frequent repairs, and replacements. Besides, it takes minutes to install, and all the connections are simple to make. So, you don’t need to fetch tools every time you want to install or de-install the cleaner.

Regulator valve

Whether the water flow is high or low wouldn’t affect this pool cleaner’s work. Apart from its super strong suction, it doesn’t need a booster pump for high water flow. In fact, thanks to its water flow regulator valve, it automatically adjusts the flow of water so that the cleaner gets the ideal speed that ensures maximum cleaning. In other words, this pool cleaner not only regulates the flow of water but also adjusts the speed at which it will travel and clean the pool.


To ensure nothing stops this pool cleaner from cleaning, it features roller straps. These roller straps also allow the cleaner to clean around the ladders and steps. Furthermore, because of these roller straps, the cleaner won’t get stuck around drains. In short, you don’t have to worry about checking whether the cleaner is working efficiently or is stuck. All thanks go to the roller straps!

Dive Waft System

If you are looking for in ground pool cleaning, you should definitely get this pool cleaner. The reason is its high pool coverage. Considering its simple one-part design, it has impressive coverage. All credit goes to the Dive waft system that provides continuous guidance and directs the cleaner throughout the pool. So whether you have a big pool or a smaller one, this pool cleaner will provide maximum coverage along the waterline as well as in the deeper parts of the pool.

NOTE: Pentair 360042 comes with a 2 years warranty.


  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Energy saver
  • Powerful suction
  • Low maintenance
  • Doesn’t require a booster pump


  • Doesn’t come with its filter bag

6. Aquabot X4 In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner (Best Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner)

Aquabot X4 pool cleaner

The next product on our best inground pool cleaner is the Aquabot X4. This pool cleaner comes with impressive features that make it easy to use, and high performing. Because of its high technology and innovation this inground pool cleaner reviews to be among the best inground robotic pool cleaners on the market.



First of all, this pool cleaner is programmable. It means you can program and adjust the machine according to your requirements. Thanks to the easy-to-use control panel, you can set the Auabot X4 to select its cleaning time, i.e., hourly cleaning. Furthermore, you can also choose to let it clean automatically.

Energy saving

An impressive fact about this pool cleaner is its high quality, efficient performance. And what is more impressive is that it runs only at 180 watts. As a result, it takes 15 times less power than any other pool cleaner. Thus it is a very energy efficient cleaner. Moreover, to ensure maximum cleaning power, it circulates far more water than any other pool cleaner. Therefore, the cleaner cleans the pool efficiently without needing chemicals.

Four Wheel Drive

Almost all pool cleaners nowadays work well with all kinds of pool floors. But traction on a slippery surface is what really makes the difference. The 4-wheel drive of this pool cleaner ensures that it doesn’t slip off in pools and continue to perform efficiently. The wheels of this pool cleaner have a sticky foam like rubber that provides a strong grip. Thanks to the firm grip, it can climb up the walls effortlessly. Furthermore, because of the rubber, it moves smoothly without leaving marks or streaks. 

Dual filtration

What makes Aquabot X4 stand out is its two mesh filter baskets. Unlike others, these filter baskets are ultra-fine, i.e., about 2 microns. Therefore, they can filter the tiniest of the particles easily. Whether it’s bacteria or dust particles, this pool cleaner filters the pool efficiently. Above all, the filter baskets are also quite large. So, they can easily hold up to 190 cubic inches of slit and debris. In short, you don’t have to clean the filter after every cycle. Once the filter basket is full, you will get an alert through the control panel. Simply remove the filters, dump the debris, and clean them with a water hose and place them back. Nothing fancy at all!

Anti-tangle swivel

Most pool cleaners have cable that tangle causing serious inconvenience to its users. Therefor, to eliminate this issue, X4 comes with 60 feet cable that is not only floating but also comes with a 360-degree swivel that rotates. Because of this rotation, the cable doesn’t tangle no matter how much you twist and turn it.

Rotating Brushes

The bottom of the cleaner has two rotating brushes. These micro brushes are like tooth combs that scrub your pool’s floor as it moves around the pool. As a result, you get rid of accumulated sand, grit, and algae on the pool floor. In addition, X4 cleans not only the floor but also scrubs and sweeps the walls of your pool cleaner up to the waterline as well.

AutoX Mapping

This in-ground robotic pool cleaner uses an intelligent mapping technology. With this technology, the pool cleaner estimates the pool’s size and maps out the best route for efficient and fast cleaning. In other words, you don’t have to spend time programming this cleaner. It does everything on its own.

Note: Aquabot X4 comes with 3 Years of Warranty.


  • Easy setup
  • Built-in timer
  • Two filter baskets
  • Climbs the walls
  • Powerful performance


  • Not good for algae

7. Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner (Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Inground Vinyl Pools)

Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Among the many Polaris pool cleaners, Polaris F9550 is by far the best inground pool cleaner. The reason for its popularity is its state-of-the-art technology, navigation, path mapping, ease of control, and high-quality performance. Therefore, it is among the most used and loved inground pool cleaners despite having a high price tag.


Four-wheel drive

Apart from the blue machine, the first thing you will notice about this pool cleaner is its four wheels. Equipped with Aqua-Trax tires, the wheels ensure the cleaner stays on the path during the cleaning cycle. Thus, the tires provide additional grip while moving so that they resist slipping on a slippery surface.

ActivMotion Sensor

The reason people invest in robotic pool cleaners is their high-tech navigation. The ActivMotion sensor works by creating a layout of the swimming pool. By doing that, it determines the best cleaning path that covers a maximum area in minimum time. Thus, no matter what shape your pool has, this pool cleaner will ensure it gives its best performance every time.

Motion-Sensing RC

The most prominent highlight of this Polaris in ground pool cleaner is its remote control. So, even though the pool cleaner devises a cleaning path, you can control and manually adjust the path using its remote control if it still misses some spots. 

Vortex Vacuum

Unlike many robotic pool cleaners, this pool cleaner doesn’t have rolling brushes to clean the pool. Instead, the vortex vacuum creates a cyclone that knocks the stubborn debris loose through agitating the water. As a result, it gets rid of all sorts of debris, including algae.


Polaris F9550 comes with a filter basket. The filter is made from ultra-fine mesh that can catch in tinniest of the particles. Furthermore, it is super easy to clean. Simply remove the filter once the canister indicator tells it is full, clean it with a regular water hose, and place it back. However, since the filter has ultra-fine mesh, you might have to brush it up to get rid of algae or dust completely.


With seven days of programmability, you can create a schedule for your pool cleaning for a whole week. Thus, even if you forget its cleaning day, this Polaris in-ground pool cleaner won’t forget it.

Note: Polaris F9550 comes with a 2 years warranty.


  • Easy to lift
  • Programmable
  • Anti-tangle cord
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Climbs the walls
  • Cannister indicator
  • Comes with all parts and accessories


  • A bit expensive

8. VINGLI Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Sweeper (Best Automatic Pool Cleaner Inground)

VINGLI Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Sweeper

Among the top automatic pool cleaners for inground pools, Vingli is very convenient, affordable, and easy to use. Its simple setup, quiet operation, and power for sucking in all kinds of small debris make it worthy of a place in our best inground pool cleaner list.


Ease of use

First things first. Vingli automatic in ground pool vacuum is super easy to use. Although it has several parts and accessories, the assembly is not complicated at all. In fact, for someone who is a beginner or non-tech savvy, it will only take 15 minutes to set up the whole thing. Therefore, it comes with a step-by-step manual guide that helps you set it up. Also, it is very easy to use. It has no confusing or elaborate programming. So, all you have to do is fit all the parts and leave them in the pool. However, note that you have to install the blue disc in a counter wise motion. Also, this inground pool cleaner is super quiet. You wouldn’t even know that it is working.

Suction power

Whether it’s dust, algae, twigs, or bugs, thanks to its super-powerful suction, this cleaner will get rid of every impurity in your swimming pool effortlessly. However, despite the suction power, the only drawback is that it can’t suck in the leaves. So, you will have to pick up the leaves manually. Other than that, the suction ensures your pool is left spotless. Also, most suction cleaners leave marks on the pool’s floor. But because of its unique and sought-after design, it leaves no marks.

Wheel Deflector

Where most suction cleaners get stuck, thanks to its wheel deflectors, this inground pool cleaner will move freely without getting stuck anywhere during working. Even in tight corners, the wheel deflectors make sure the cleaner continues to work smoothly. In short, it is a very convenient cleaner that won’t bother you at all.

Filtration system

This inground pool cleaner doesn’t have its filtration system. Instead, it works on the filtration system of the pool. So, you just have to attach it to the filtration system via hoses and get rid of the dust, sand particles, algae, and other small debris.


Vingli comes with three main parts, i.e., blue skirt, Vacuum head, and hose. Other accessories include weight, regulating valve, and diaphragm. There are ten hoses that, once connected, can cover 33 feet area. Moreover, the hoses are made from high-quality material and are built to last a long time.

Note: VINGLI automatic inground pool vacuum comes with one year’s warranty.


  • Easy setup
  • Fast cleaning
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Hoses included
  • Efficient suction
  • Climbs the walls


  • Cannot suck in leaves
  • Not ideal for cleaning steps

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Buyers Guide for Best Inground Pool Cleaner

Buying an essential piece of equipment can be a difficult task, especially when you don’t seem to have an idea about its features and other factors. So, to save you from the misery of buying the wrong inground pool cleaner, here are a few points that you should keep in mind.


Pool cleaners come in many types.

  • Manual
  • Suction
  • Pressure
  • Robotic

All these pool cleaners have their unique features and technology that set them apart from each other. So, before you head out to buy an inground pool cleaner for your swimming pool, make sure you know what main difference these types have.

A manual pool cleaner, as the name indicates, is not an automatic cleaner. You have to work manually and guide it throughout the pool area to clean the pool.

A suction pool cleaner works via the pool’s filtration system to suck in the dirt, sand particles, and other small debris. It is ideal for small debris but not for leaves.

Pressure pool cleaner uses water pressure to scrape off the debris off the surface and suck into its filter bag. It is ideal for both small and large debris as it has its filter bag.

Robotic pool cleaners are the most technologically advanced pool cleaners. They use artificial intelligence to clean the pool all by themselves. Because of this feature, they are the most advanced, convenient, and expensive ones among all pool cleaners.


Before you buy an inground pool cleaner, you need to take a look at your pool. Make sure you keep in mind the size of the pool. Most pool cleaners are ideal for a standard pool size. So if you have a pool larger than standard, make sure the pool cleaner is up for the task. As some inground pool cleaners work best with small pools, if you have a smaller pool, think about getting the one that specialized in that size.


Pool surfaces include vinyl, fiberglass, tile, and concrete. Unfortunately, some pool cleaners don’t specialize in working on all surfaces. So, before you make your purchase, make sure you get all the information regarding the cleaner’s compatibility with the surface.


Automatic vs. robotic. It is a hot debate among all pool buyers. So, you need to make your decision based on your requirements. If you are a busy person or lazy, for that matter, think about getting a robotic pool cleaner as you can program it according to your requirements and leave the rest of its intelligent technology. However, if you like to keep tabs on everything, automatic pool cleaners for in ground pools will do the job.


Most inground pool cleaners use the pools filtration system as they don’t have their own. Such cleaners are not ideal for getting rid of large debris like leaves or acorns. However, some come with reusable filters made from high-quality mesh. They are not only ideal for sucking in all sorts of debris but are also easy to clean.


Most pool cleaners come with water hoses that cover the pool size. However, some don’t include such accessories in the main product, and you have to buy them separately. Because it can get expensive, always make sure you check what accessories are included in the pool cleaner.


Price is probably the most crucial factor when buying the best inground pool cleaner. If you are a limited budget, you might have to compromise on a thing or two. Thus, among the pool cleaner types, robotic pool cleaners are the most expensive ones. Furthermore, some pool cleaners are not that expensive but don’t include accessories like hoses, etc., buying them separately can add up the cost making it expensive.


You can’t buy an inground pool cleaner every other day. It is a one-time investment. Therefore, you have to make sure it comes with a good warranty span. If you keep up with the maintenance, a pool cleaner will give you at least five years of life. Therefore, the warranty must be at least two years. So that if there is some issue in its functioning, you can contact the service providers rather than paying for expensive repairing.


  1. What is the best inground pool cleaner?

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is the best inground pool cleaner.

2. What is the best inground automatic pool cleaner?

Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly Great White Inground is the best in-ground automatic pool cleaner.

3. How long should I run pool pump?

You can run the pool pump for a maximum of 8 hours daily.

4. Is it safe to leave inground pool cleaner in the pool?

Yes, it is safe to leave the inground pool cleaner in the pool while you are in it as long as it is not connected to the electric outlet.

5. How often should I run inground pool cleaner?

It depends on the usage of your pool. If you use the pool frequently, then it’s better to run it every other day.

6. Is inground pool cleaner worth it?

Yes, an inground pool cleaner is totally worth it as it gets rid of all the gunk, dirt, algae, leaves, etc., to make your pool clean.

Final Verdict – Best Inground Pool Cleaner

Buying the right inground pool cleaner doesn’t only depend upon the technology and type of the pool cleaner. In fact, you have to keep in mind your pool type and size as well.

Although, al the products on our best inground pool cleaner list are the best of the best, I personally like Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner. It is a high-tech robot cleaner that works unbelievably well. It will get rid of all the debris effortlessly. Above all, it is super easy to program. Once you have programmed it according to your cleaning schedule and forget the rest, this inground pool cleaner is a beast at cleaning. So, even though it is a bit pricy, I think it’s totally worth the money!

Let m know in the comments below which inground pool cleaner is perfect for your pool and why?