Best Robotic Pool Cleaner – Product reviews, Buying Guide+FAQs

Looking for the best robotic pool cleaner? We have all the answers!

Having a clean pool is everyone’s desire. A clean pool not only looks good but is healthy as well. But the thing with pool cleaning is that it is quite time-consuming. Especially if you are a busy person, finding time for pool cleaning can be challenging. In this case, you need to buy a robotic pool cleaning.

A robotic pool cleaner is a programmed cleaner that tidy up your pool efficiently all by its self and just the way you want. It is not only time-saving, but smart technology makes it super-efficient and high performance.

Now, when you look for a robotic pool cleaner, you will come across many products. Choosing the right one seems an impossible task. But hey! It’s not impossible when you have my assistance.

Indeed, the best robotic pool cleaner needs to be easy to use, easy to program, efficient, and provide good pool coverage. That’s pretty much it!

If you are wondering which robotic cleaner you should buy, here’s a list of the best robotic pool cleaners based on ease of use, performance, programmability and efficiency.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down for all the information.

List of Best Robotic Pool Cleaner

Buying the best robotic pool cleaner is not an easy decision. There are so many factors you need to consider. Firstly, it’s not about the looks only. You have to keep in mind ease of use. The best robotic pool cleaner will clean your pool without you turning it on. Everything is preprogrammed. But the thing is, different brands offer different features. And since it is a long-term investment, you need to compare and contrast the features and performance.

The table down below provides a quick review and comparison of the top robotic pool cleaners. 

Comparison Table

ImageTop PicksSpecificationsReview
Dolphin Nautilus CC PlusDolphin Nautilus CC PlusWeight: 14 lbs.
Cable length: 50 ft.
Pool size: 33 ft. max
Top Rated Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Premier pool cleanerDolphin PremierWeight: 37.2 lbs.
Cable length: 60 ft.
Pool size: 50 ft. max
Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Leaves
Aquabot X4 pool cleanerAquabot X4Weight: 34.4 lbs.
Cable length: 60 ft.
Pool size: 60 ft. max
Best In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner
Hayward W32025ADC PoolVac XLHayward W32025ADC PoolVac XL Weight: 18 lbs.
Cable length: 40 ft.
Pool size: 40 ft. max
Best Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners
Polaris F9450 Sport pool cleanerPolaris F9450 Sport Weight: 43.6 lbs.
Cable length: 50 ft.
Pool size: 50 ft. max
Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Vinyl Pools
Hayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVacHayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVac Weight: 44.6 lbs.
Cable length: 50 ft.
Pool size: 40 ft. max
Best Robotic Pool Vacuum
Zodiac MX6 Suction SideZodiac MX6 Suction Side Weight: 17.41 lbs.
Cable length: 40 ft.
Pool size: 40 ft. max
Best Price Robotic Pool Cleaners
Hayward RC9955CUB TigerSharkHayward RC9955CUB TigerSharkWeight: 21.5 lbs.
Cable length: 55 ft.
Pool size: 40 ft. max
Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Algae

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus (Top Rated Robotic Pool Cleaner)

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Maytronics is a prominent name in the market for robotic swimming pool cleaners.  Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus one of the quickest and most effective products by Dolphin. The cleaner can handle the toughest cleaning task easily in no time. Above all, the machine is lightweight and easy to use. In short, it has beaten the super expensive and heavy machines in the market. Thus, it ranks No.1 on our best robotic pool cleaner review.



The Nautilus CC Plus has an eye-catching and ergonomic design. The machine has a beautiful and glossy blue and black casing with a roller brush at the front. Moreover, the material used for the casing is very durable and protects the internal structure and machinery of the cleaner.

Overall, the machine is effortless and lightweight. You can walk around with the machine and drop it in the pool anytime. The cleaning cycles is so quick that it can clean the 50 ft deep pool in just 2 hours without any hustle.

Furthermore, the patent power cord and adaptor will not tangle at all. The cable and adapter are designed to give your effortless and super easy cleaning experience.

Scrubbing Brushes

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has a roller bristle brush at the front and back of the mouth. The brushes are ideal for all types of pools. Therefore, they work efficiently on gunite, fiberglass, tiles, or any other flooring material.

Also, the roller provides continuous scrubbing along with the movement of the machine. The roller on the front and back also works as a gear to facilitate the wheels on the machine. Above all, it helps in giving the machine enough space from the ground so that the dirt, debris, stones, or leaves can be sucked into the machine right away.


The filter is one of the highlights of Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. The dual filter has amazing capabilities that lock-in and trap all kinds of debris and dirt from the pool. Moreover, the size of the filter is great for continuous cleaning. Thus, you can empty it after a week without worrying about getting it full.

Furthermore, it is easy to remove from the machine and clean. All you have to do is open the top compartment of the machine. You have to remove the top filter and discard all of the dirt.

Schedule Setting

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has a revolutionary setting for all the lazy people like us. With the touch of a single button, you can schedule the machine for cleaning. There are three settings available for this purpose: every day, after a day, or every third day. In short, this setting will keep your pool always clean even if you are too busy to assist it.

CleverClean scanning sensors

The CleverClean scanning sensor scans the walls or any obstacle in the way of the machine. Even though the machine can easily climb the vertical walls of the pool, still, this function also helps in free-swimming while the pool is cleaning.

Note: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus comes with a 3-years warranty.


  • Powerful suction
  • Excellent traction
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Anti-tangle power cord
  • Roller Scrubbing brushes
  • CleverClean scanning sensors


  • Needs monitoring
  • The power cord can be short for a 50ft deep pool or more.

2. Dolphin Premier (Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Leaves)

Dolphin Premier pool cleaner

The remote operated Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is a revolutionary product in the market. It is a simple yet lightweight machine with a handful of features like a schedule cleaning program is just perfect. Even though the Dolphin might require a one-time investment, but due to its efficient DC motor, you will get a cleaner pool in low power consumption. Thus, it ranks No.2 in our list of the best robotic pool cleaner.



Blue is the signature of the Dolphin company. Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is yet another lightweight and eye-catching machine with a blue and black casing. The company has standardized the casing on all products by using high-quality material to protect the machine’s mechanism.

In addition, the machine is very light in weight and easy to carry. For carrying purposes, the machine has a handle on the top for the user to hold it easily.

Furthermore, it is an ideal choice for a 50 ft deep pool. Also, the extended power cord is packed with the machine for tangle-free cleaning. Thus, you do not have to keep an eye on the machine, thinking that it will tangle itself.

Roller Brushes and Gears

The roller on the front and the back has bristle brushes. These brushes can work on any type of surface, from fiberglass to gunite and tiles. The brushes knock out the dirt and debris and suck them into the filter. Moreover, the rotation of the brushes facilitates the movement of the machine as well. The brushes are attached to the gears that help in the rotation of the chain wheels. Furthermore, it elevates the machine, giving it enough space for gunk to be sucked in.

Patent CleverClean scanning

The patent CleverClean scanning sensor is one of the highlights of this pool cleaner. It scans the surround to estimate the distance from the wall and other obstacles. This not only helps protect the machine and the wall but also helps in less power consumption in sticking to it.

Thus, you can just leave it free in the pool, and it will climb the walls and clean every inch of the pool in no time.

Triple-layered Filter

Filter on Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is unique. The triple filtration system is impressive since it traps all sizes and types of dirt and debris. Furthermore, it has a remarkable capacity to use it all season of fall; it will still not be full. Hence making it ideal for continuous cleaning of pools.

Moreover, the filter is locked on the shutter on the top of the machine. You can crack open the compartment and remove the filter.

Schedule Setting

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is ideal for busy people. You can simply schedule its cleaning time into three categories: Every day, every other day, and every third day. This schedule cleaning helps in keeping the pool clean all the time.

Note: Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner comes with a 3-years warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Remote operated
  • Super-efficient
  • Three-layered filter
  • 60 feet Swivel cord
  • Triple schedule settings
  • Patented CleverClean scanning sensor


  • The filter is difficult to clean

3. Aquabot X4 (Best In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner)

Aquabot X4 pool cleaner

Aquabot X4 is one of the smartest robotic cleaners in the market. From powerful motor to the advanced Navigation system, the Aquabot X4 has wowed everyone. It is a simple and efficient choice for busy people. Moreover, it comes with an automated caddy and anti-tangle swivel that completes the package, making it the best in-ground robotic pool cleaner for your inground pool.


4-wheels traction

The Aquabot X4 has a 4-wheel drive system that is built with durable and high grip wheels. The sticky rubber-like wheels are ideal for Gunite. Furthermore, they also have a wheel kit available for tile and fiberglass for outstanding results. Moreover, its traction is so strong that it can handle the cleaning and climbing the walls easily.

Powerful Motor

The motor is the highlight of the Aquabot X4. The powerful motor with a top-notch pump is made to match the industry standards.  The pump can ingest 85 gallons of water per minute. The speed is explained by the scenario of filtering 20,00 gallons of water in the pool in just 4 hours. Indeed it is exceptional.

Moreover, the motor is not just powerful but efficient too. The motor has a power-saving system that will give you a fantastic cleaning experience in no time and saves you from extra expenses.

Ultra-fine Filtration

The easy top access Filter is made with ultra-fine and durable material. The filtration system is so advanced that the smallest particles like sand and twigs can be sucked in easily.

Structure wise, the filter has two baskets to give extra space. Aquabot can collect all the dirt, debris, leaves, slits, and twigs all season long. Hence you do not have to worry about emptying the filter after a few uses.

Moreover, the smart inbuilt system keeps track of how much the baskets are filled. When the baskets are full, the alert is generated to the control panel. This makes the cleaning process easy and hustle-free.

Micro brushes

The rotating micro bristle brushes are unique. They scrub off all types of dirt and debris that are stuck that the bottom, walls, and stubborn and hard-to-reach corners. The rotating brushes not just scrubs but sweep the surfaces too to give you a clean pool. Moreover, it is ideal for cleaning the waterline also.

AutoXTM Pool Mapping and Smart Navigator

Overall, the Aquabot X4 has top-notch components with well-engineered systems.  The AutoXTM pool mapping makes it ideal for all shapes and sizes of the pool.

Moreover, the Smart Navigation system makes your work easy. It locates the debris and dirt. Hence you do not have to sit by the pool for monitoring all the time.

Manual Timer

The Aquabot X4 has a programmable manual timer system. You can program the duration of the cleaning cycles from 1 to 2 hours for 2 to 4 days easily. Whether you are around or not, this robotic pool cleaner will clean the pool. Thus, it is an ideal choice for all busy and lazy people like us.

Note: Aquabot X4 comes with 3 years warranty.


  • Good tractions
  • 60 feet anti-tangle swivel
  • Powerful motor and pump
  • Programmable cleaning cycles
  • Top-access filtration with good capacity
  • Smart navigator and pool mapping system


  • Not ideal for algae
  • The repair might be expensive

4. Hayward W32025ADC PoolVac XL (Best Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners)

Hayward is already a trusted company that has been designing and manufacturing the gears for pool cleaning and maintenance. Hayward W32025ADC PoolVac XL Pool Vacuum is an amazing addition to their products. The Pool Vac XL is designed with a free hand Autopilot steering and a suction system that can remove all kinds of debris, dirt, and algae too. Even though it is made for Gunite flooring but still due to its handful of features, it is ranked sixth in our list of the best robotic pool cleaner.


Easy to use and maintain

The Hayward Pool Vac XL is not just sophisticated but straightforward also. It requires just a single button to start and vacuum the pool. No hustle and confusion of extra buttons at all.

Moreover, the installation is also very easy. You can connect the pool cleaner to the pool suction port or skimmer. It literally takes less than five minutes to set the system up and to get it up running. Due to the pool suction port, you also don’t need debris bags to clean and empty. Hence no frequent maintenance required for this pool cleaner.

Patent Aqua Pilot Technology

The Hayward Pool Vac XL has a patent Auto Aqua Pilot steering technology. It covers almost the whole pool floor along with the walls, stairs, and coves too. The two cleaning suction plates on the sides are designed to clean the corners and stubborn edges.

Moreover, The Aqua Pilot is so accurate that you don’t need continuous monitoring. It not just convenient but also saves a lot of the time of the user as well.

Advanced Suction system

The Advanced suction system is another revolution in the robotic pool cleaner’s technology. The suction system is designed to suck up all the debris, algae, dirt, leaves, and even large to small stones in no time. Moreover, it is the quietest system you will ever come across. It cleans the pool without a single sound of buzzing or vibration. Hence, it is perfect for a peaceful and relaxing environment around the pool.

Complete package

Many robotic pool cleaners come with a lot of unknown and confusing accessories. But Hayward Pool Vac XL does not come with extra hose or hose pumps, it does not mean that you have to buy it separately. The machine, itself is complete and does not need the extra attachment, making it very easy and almost ready for the work.

Note: All Hayward products have an extended warranty. Once you buy them, register them on their website.


  • Quiet and efficient
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Powerful Suction
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Patent Aqua Pilot Technology
  • Power-efficient Booster pump


  • Only for Gunite
  • 40 feet hose might be short for many large pools.

5. Polaris F9450 Sport (Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Vinyl Pools)

Polaris is one of the rising brands when it comes to robotic pool cleaners. Polaris F9450 Sport is a good option for all types of pools especially if you have a vinyl pool. The efficient motor with the combination of a vacuum pump not just gives you a clean pool, it is lighter on the utility bill also. Thus, it ranks 5th in our list of the best robotic pool cleaners.


Vortex Vacuum Technology 

The Vortex Vacuum Technology is the highlight of the Polaris F9450. The rare jets clean the debris with the powerful vacuum technology pick the dirt, debris, sand, leaves, and even stones into the filter.

The vacuum is strong enough to pump out the water of the entire pool in 3 hours. Hence, you get to experience the see-through and clean pool in no time.

4WD technology

The 4-wheel drive has a unique traction pattern. The flexibility is so exceptional that it will not stuck at the pool’s uneven flooring or slip on the smooth surfaces. Thus, it is an ideal choice for pebble bedding and Vinyl pool lining too.

Navigator sensors

The Polaris F9450 has built-in sensors that locate the dirt and debris. Thus, it helps in navigating the pool cleaning towards the area to be cleaned. Similarly, it detects the pool’s stubborn algae and edges and scrubs them off with its sturdy and bristle brushes.

Top access filter

The filter is made with the most sufficient material that can quickly suck in sand, debris, and algae in no time. The material is so durable that you can easy it in your washing machine as well.

Furthermore, the easy top access filter is very spacious. You can use the pool cleaner for the entire season without worrying about cleaning it often. Thus, no more spilling of debris and hard clean-ups. One more exciting thing about Polaris F9450 is that it has a feature of floating on the surface when the filter is full as an indicator.

Programmable cleaning cycle

Overall, the pool cleaner has many smart features. The programmable cleaning timer is easy for all lazy and busy people like us. You can schedule it for 7 days for 1 to 3 hours of cleaning cycle easily. Other than that, you can plan it for every day or alternating three hours as well.

Transport caddy

The transport caddy makes the Polaris 9450 handy and portable. The automated Easy-Lift system pulls out the cleaner easily out of the pool. The system is so efficient that it empties out all the water from the cleaner. 

Note: Polaris F9450 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner Vacuum comes with 2-years limited warranty.


  • 50 feet cord
  • Smart Navigator
  • 4-wheel drive
  • Spacious Filter
  • Vortex Vacuum technology
  • Programmable cleaning cycles
  • Comes with automated Caddy


  • Cable might tangle
  • Might flip over when climbs the wall

6. Hayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVac (Best Robotic Pool Vacuum)

Hayward W3RC9740CUB SharkVac

Hayward SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum is yet another amazing product for Hayward. By keeping their legacy of advanced and trusting products, SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum is very easy and minimalist to have. The compact machine enclosed with an advanced steering and filtration system that can clean your pool without any hustle. Due to its unique yet effective features, it ranks 6th in our best robotic cleaner.


Easy use system

The simple design and easy to understand built is the highlight of SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum. The machine can start with just a single ON/OFF button. On top of that, the machine has an easily removable and top-access filter.

The easy access filter helps in quick cleaning even with the hand or you can wash it in the machine. The material is fine but very durable to overcome the hard wash of the washing machine. In short, maintenance is also easy.

High-performance steering

One of the convenient features is the high-performance steering. It is designed to have an optimized cleaning path for fast and quick cleaning. Moreover, the traction is amazing that it can walk over any obstacle on the way, powerfully yet gently.

Therefore, you don’t have to sit along the poolside to monitor the workability of the pool cleaner. You can just drop it in the pool and let it do its work while you do yours without wasting your time.

Advanced filtration system

Above all, this pool vacuum cleaner has its own filtration system other than the pool. The reason for having a separate filtration system was to reduce the backwash from both systems. Hence this helps in gaining a cleaner pool in less amount of time and saves electricity from not running the pool filtration system.

Other than that, the filter has two fine porosity layers that can filter the fine dust along with the larger one. Hence making it ideal for achieving clear water in the pool.


The SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum is not just compact but minimalistic also. The machine is engineered by a professional with advanced technology and high-quality components. Thus, it doesn’t need additional support or accessories. That’s why there is no hose or extra pump added to the package. Overall, this pool vacuum is energy efficient also. It does not just save the efforts of the user but also water flow and electricity, which results in fewer bills than the usual robotic pool cleaners.

Note: Hayward has an extended warranty once it is registered to its website.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy to operate
  • Advanced Filtration system
  • Easy to remove and use filter
  • No extra attachments required


  • Tricky Filter cleaning
  • Not for Vinyl pool flooring

7. Zodiac MX6 Suction Side (Best Price Robotic Pool Cleaners)

Zodiac MX6 Suction Side

Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner is made with exceptional features. The simple and easy to use design with cyclonic pressure is an excellent pool cleaning solution. Moreover, the Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner is powerful and a power saver that the same time. The power efficiency is exceptional of this product than others. Other than that, the 2-speed option is the highlight of the product as well. Thus, it is ranked eighth in our best robotic pool cleaner.


Compact design

Zodiac pool cleaner is almost 14.6×40.1×9 inches in dimension making it a low-flow cleaner for your pool. The body has a durable plastic covering that seals and protects the inner machinery of the pool making it last longer than usual pool cleaners. Furthermore, the body has a unique handle for easy hand grip and to carry it around. Thus, the machine is lightweight as well.

Overall, Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner is very easy to understand and use. It comes with a spinning hose that can be installed so effortlessly. It has an automatic navigation system that can clean tranquil without any extra effort.

Smart Drive technology

The Bi-navigator and Smart Drive technology are the highlights of the Zodiac MX6. From cleaning the floor to waterlines and walls, Zodiac MX6 can detect any form of debris and dirt. Moreover, the 2 variable speed system helps in cleaning the stubborn calcification and algae from every corner of the pool and even stairs too. Furthermore, the cyclonic suction design offers powerful vacuuming and also help in climbing the walls of the pools.

Water Flow Regulator system

The water flow regulator system controls water flow and speed. Due to the bi-navigator system, it adjusts the water flow and speed according to the algae, debris, and dirt. Hence, it decreases the chances of overflowing of the water.

Super-efficient and energy saver

Overall, Zodiac MX6 is very versatile. The technological features have not made it super-efficient but energy efficient also. Due to the water flow regulator system, it saves water and with a Versatile pump, it also saves electricity too. Thus, it is not just affordable but also lighter on utility bills.

Complete Package

The Zodiac MX6 comes with an automatic Weir Valve, Flow Regulator valve, Hose float, Twist-lock hose lengths, Hose protector, 90-degree twist Lock Elbow, and a Warranty Card.

Note: Zodiac MX6 comes with one year of warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy assembly
  • Swiveling Hoses
  • Power Efficient
  • Cyclonic suction
  • Flow regulator valves
  • Smart Drive technology
  • 2 variable speed pumps


  • Hose is heavy
  • Needs monitoring

8. Hayward RC9955CUB TigerShark (Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Algae) 

Hayward RC9955CUB TigerShark

Hayward is one of the leading companies in the pool cleaning machinery.  RC9955CUB TigerShark is a durable cleaning solution. It is built with the best intelligent microprocessor that can sense the boundaries and clean every corner, ladder, or step thoroughly. Because of its durable design and prominent features, it is ranked No. 8 in our robotic pool cleaners’ reviews.


Structural design

At first sight, the machine looks a bit bulky. But it is so light in weight and easy to use. Overall, the machine has roller bristle brushes with a carrying handle on the top body. Other than that the body has a sturdy and durable plastic casing to protect the inner mechanism of the pool cleaner.

Moreover, the brush and the gears are designed to work on all pool surfaces i.e. Vinyl, fiberglass, plastic, and even gunite flooring.

Quick Clean Technology

The Quick Clean Technology allows the swimming pool cleaner to calculate the depth and length of the pool. This smart technology then calculates the minimum time within 3 hours to clean the entire pool by itself.

Moreover, this robotic swimming pool cleaner is so smart that it can clean the pool surface, steps or ladders, walls, and even water filter too. As soon as it scans that the wall is ending, it will reverse itself back for pool cleaning.

Filter Cartridges

The unique filter cartridge is very spacious. The suction duct can easily suck the large debris, stones, and leaves in the filter. Furthermore, the filter cartridge is very easy to remove and clean. You can clean it with a water hose. Overall, the filter cartridge and bag are very durable. Hence, it will last longer and even the replacement will cost very cheap as well.


The Hayward RC9955CUB does not need any additional accessories. It requires no hookup hoses or any additional pump for cleaning. In short, it is smart enough to locate the in-built pool filtration system and avoid it so that there is no backwashing.

Furthermore, Hayward RC9955CUB comes to your doorstep all ready to use. The package includes an optional caddy cart for easy carrying and storage, an extension cord, and a power supply unit.

Note: Hayward has an extended warranty plan for almost all products. You have to register the product on their website.


  • Easy to use
  • Power-efficient DC motor
  • Works on all pool surfaces
  • Inexpensive filter replacement
  • Cleans in a maximum of 3 hours
  • Easy to transport from storage to pool


  • Cords tangles a lot
  • Tricky for sucking leaves

What to look for in the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner while buying: A Buyers’ Guide

Whether you have a short swimming season, cleaning the pool almost every month or two is a huge responsibility. The best robotic pool cleaner can do a lot if it is built with the right capabilities. To understand these crucial properties, we have compiled an extensive guide. Hence, this guide will help you consider what should a pool cleaner have and how it works.

Following are the ultimate properties you should look to find the best robotic pool vacuum for pools:


The size of the pool cleaners has always been debatable, but the weight does matter a lot. Whether you have a smaller pool or a bigger one, the automatic pool cleaner must of convenient weight. By that, we mean that the pool cleaner must be easy to get in the pool and lift out as well.

Heavy pool vacuums or cleaners will intent to give you a hard time. They will be hard to carry and a nightmare when it comes to the pool. Hence, Pool cleaners are helpers, so they must be at least comparatively lighter in weight.


Tires and wheels are the foundation of the best robotic pool cleaners. Of course, they help the pool cleaners to roam. We recommend buying one with four-wheel drive.

Furthermore, the tire must be broad enough and specially made of rubber. The plastic tires are not that long-lasting and intend to slip on pool tiles too. Hence, the rubber tires can help the cleaner to walk through the bumps and without any slips.


Since we are talking about the tires and wheels, it is important to consider the climbing ability as well. The best robotic pool cleaner will be able to climb the sides of your pool easily. It is essential for cleaning the sides and edges.

Most importantly, it should be able to climb the stairs and clean them thoroughly as well. Another job related to climbing ability is the cleaning of the waterline as well. Hence, you really need the best robotic pool cleaner that can climb.


Cords are the main powerline stream for any appliance, gadget, or gear. When it comes to pool cleaners, the cord or power cable might also be a crucial part to consider. Since the automatic pool cleaner will be roaming in the pool along the sides and the walls, you need an extended cord for it.

Moreover, the robotic pool cleaner might be climbing the stairs and vertical walls too. The chance of tangling the cord is unbelievable. It can halt the movement of the cleaner also, hence decrease the work efficiency. In conclusion, we recommend looking into the pool cleaners with a long swivel cord for ease.


The pool floor is full of debris and dirt, and it is tough to remove. If you are doing this by hand, you already know brushes are essential. Robot pool cleaners also have suction and bristle brushes, just like a simple vacuum cleaner.

We recommend buying the automatic pool cleaner that has hardened bristle brushes. A rotating stiff bristle brush will also work fine. It can easily scrub off the dirt and debris from the pool floor without any extra assistance.


The motion sensor has already been a revolution in automation. The idea of motion sensors in a robotic pool cleaner can help you so much. Robotic pool cleaners can be stuck in a corner while scrubbing the floor. Hence, the motion sensor and the deflecting feature can help the robotic cleaner to move around freely.


There is a wide variety of robotic pool cleaners depending on the pool size. Hence, its cleaning timer and cycles can be different as well. Therefore it is essential to check if you can adjust the timer and cleaning cycle according to your pool. These features help inefficient cleaning and saving lots of time.


We already know that robot pool cleaners are costly. Since they are made with high-quality and durable material.

Eventually, it does not matter how durable the machine is. Once it needs to get repaired, your budget might be short for it. That’s why we recommend having at least a 12 to 18 months warranty for the machine and its patent parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best robotic pool cleaner in the market?

The best robotic pool cleaner is Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. The machine is compact and packed with features like advanced pre-programmed steering, bristle drive mechanism, and powerful suction.

2. Are robotic pool cleaners worth it?

Robotic pool cleaners are the best by our standards. However, they are also the most expensive. Robotic cleaners are effective at cleaning large and small debris. They also circulate the pool water when your filter isn’t running and scrub your tile lines and pool wall.

3. How long do robotic pool cleaners last?

With the proper care and maintenance, you can expect the device to serve you for four or five years.

4. How often should I use my robotic pool cleaner?

Ideally, you need to run your robot pool cleaner daily or at least once a day if you’re always swimming in it. But if you don’t swim in it as much, run it at least once weekly or every two weeks.

5. Can you swim with a robotic pool cleaner?

Even though the robotic cleaners are designed to be safe for all in water, we still recommend not swimming with them. It is important for safety since they work on electricity. Any mishap of a faulty machine can lead to electrocution.

6. Is it bad to run your pool pump 24 hours a day?

Generally running your pool pump for 12-hours a day is a good option. For a residential pool, the water should turn over at least once per day.

7. Do robotic pool cleaners pick up algae?

Yes, through using of some very strong dual scrubbing brushes, the robotic pool cleaner is able to completely obliterate algae, dirt, gunk, and grime of all sorts.

Final Verdict

Among the many robotic pool cleaners, finding the best cleaner for your pool might be a much bigger task than it seems. However, you can easily find the best robotic pool cleaner for your swimming pool with proper help and information.

All the products mentioned above are among the best on the market. So you can select the one that fits your needs the most.

Let me know in the comments below which one did you find to be the best robotic pool cleaner for you! I’ll be waiting!

Till then,
Enjoy the swim!