Best Vacuum For Above Ground Pool – Buyers Guide + FAQs

The best vacuum for above ground pool can make your swimming pool clean like no other! Looking for the perfect one to buy? Read ahead!

Every pool needs cleaning. So, whether you have an inground pool or an above ground pool, you need to have a pool cleaner that serves the purpose with flying colors. Pool cleaners come in different types. Therefore, some are specifically for inground pools, while others are better for above ground pools. Either way, you can get the best pool cleaner for your swimming pool.

Above ground pools look beautiful, but leaning them is not as easy as it may seem. And especially when you don’t have time, you seriously need assistance. Pool cleaning services can come to your aid, but for how long? You need a solution that works according to your schedule and convenience. So, why not get an above ground swimming pool cleaner?

Feeling overwhelmed at the choices you have? Don’t know which pool fits your pool the best? Don’t worry, we have got it covered for you! Scroll down for all the information regarding the best vacuum for an above ground pool cleaner.

List of Best Vacuum For Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool cleaners come in different types. You can get robotic pool cleaners, automatic pool cleaners, suction pool cleaners, battery-operated pool cleaners, and much more. The choices are many, and you might need assistance in choosing the right one for you. So, I thought, why not give you a list of the best vacuum for the above ground pool? This list consists of the best above ground pool cleaners from the lot. You will get every type of cleaner here to choose the one that suits your needs the best!

Comparison Table

Top picksSpecificationsReview
Dolphin E10 pool cleanerDolphin E10Weight: 13.8 pounds
Dimensions:18 x 22 x 12 inches
Warranty: 2 years
Best Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner
Pool Blaster Max Pool CleanerPool Blaster Max Pool CleanerWeight: 5.5 pounds
Dimensions: 15.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Best Rated Above Ground Pool Vacuum
Pentair K50600 pool cleanerPentair K50600Weight: 13.8 pounds
Dimensions: 33.5 x 16.5 x 6.75inches
Warranty: 2 years
Best Suction Side Vacuum for Above Ground Pool
AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool CleanerAIPER Automatic Robotic Pool CleanerWeight:
30.1 pounds
Dimensions: 26 x 19 x 12.5 inches
Warranty: 2 years
Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner
PAXCESS Automatic Pool CleanerPAXCESS Automatic Pool CleanerWeight:
30 pounds
Dimensions: 26.1 x 18.9 x 12.6 inches
Warranty: 2 years
Best Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum
Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover JuniorAquabot APRVJR Pool Rover JuniorWeight: 10 pounds
21 x 18 x 19 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Best Efficient Above ground Aautomatic Pool Vacuum
POOLWHALE Portable Pool VacuumPOOLWHALE Portable Pool VacuumWeight: 1.2 pounds
Dimensions: 4.72 x 10.43 x 47.24 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Best Portable Vacuum For Above Ground pools
Hayward W900 Wanda the WhaleHayward W900 Wanda the WhaleWeight: 17 pounds
38.8 x 10.8 x 10.9 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Best Small Above Ground Pool Vacuum

1.    Dolphin E10 (Best Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner)

Dolphin E10 pool cleaner

Maytronics is one of the leading brands in the market for manufacturing pool cleaners. The company has a prominent image because of its straightforward and unique product. Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is a satisfactory product for the above ground pools or portable pools. It is lightweight, easy to use and understand, and fast enough for your quick maintenance. Therefore, it ranks 1st in our list of best above ground pool cleaners.


Easy to use design

Dolphin E10 is one of the most convenient pool cleaners you will ever have. The lightweight yet sturdy body with a wide-body is very style to sit in your above ground pools. It is so easy to use that you are only one button away from cleaning the entire pool in just 1.5 hours. Moreover, the fastest cleaning result does not affect its sparkling clean result.

Furthermore, the machine only weighs 13.7 pounds. It does not need any caddy for transportation. It is also designed to release the water weight as soon as you pull it out of the water. Thus, making it super reliable.

Smart pool scanner

One of the highlights of this dolphin above ground pool cleaner is the smart pool scanning system. It does not matter if your pool is small or large or uneven for a pool sweeper; E10 will scan the area for the most stubborn algae, debris, and dirt. This modern technology also helps the user in carefree usage since the user does not have to monitor it every time it is in water.

Porous filtration system

The perfection of a pool cleaner can be concluded by the cleaning and filtration capacity. Dolphin E10 is built with better dynamics that ensure the best, cleaner experience. Thus, the filtration system has a porous filter that can hold debris, dirt, leaves, and even stones.

The filter fabric may seem super porous, but it helps in sucking up all of the dirt and also easy cleaning. All you have to do is remove the filter, dump the dirt out and clean it with your hands under the running water.

Brushing and scrubbing technology

The roller with the bristle brush under the machine is a perfect combination with their brushing and scrubbing technology. The brush rotates and scrubs of the stubborn algae and dirt of the flooring without any damage.

It has enough technology that requires minimal effort for a crystal-clear pool in less than 90 minutes. It is a perfect machine at an affordable price point. Thus, even if you have a small in-ground pool, it an ideal choice to have.

NOTE: The Dolphin E10 comes with 2 years limited warranty. You can extend the warranty by logging onto their official website through registration.


  • Power-efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean filtration
  • Pool scanning feature
  • CleverClean Technology
  • Ideal for all kind of debris and dirt


  • No custom cleaning cycle
  • No pool climbing feature

2.    Pool Blaster Max Pool Cleaner (Best Rated Above Ground Pool Vacuum)

Pool Blaster Max Pool Cleaner

Pool Blaster Max might seem different than the pool vacuums we usually have seen in the market. The long and tall construction is convenient and accessible with all the best features you need in the best pool vacuum for the above ground pool. Moreover, the cordless and rechargeable system makes it straightforward and tangle-free performance in no time. Thus, it is ranked No. 2 in our above ground pool cleaner reviews.


Handy design

Overall, the Pool Blaster Max looks like a heavy, sturdy machine, but it is the lightest and powerful handheld above ground pool leaf vacuum. The long handle rod is attached to a motor and light battery box and the fin. Moreover, the multilayered fin has impressive suction and helps in collecting the most stubborn junk in no time. Thus, making the vertical handy design ideal for above ground and spa pools.

Motor Box

The suction power of above ground swimming pool cleaner depends on the motor. The Water Tech company has made the motor box of the Pool Blaster Max is maximum delicacies and power. Even though it is an entry-level and handheld pool vacuum, the efficient and quick Water Tech P30 motor can clean the pool in a single go. Thus, any size of debris and leaves cannot escape from it.

Rechargeable Battery and usage capacity

The high-powered Lithium-ion battery is a revolutionary addition to the Pool Blaster Max. The battery needs 4 hours or less for charging and can provide an hour of efficient and effective cleaning service. One of the most important features is hose-free and cordless usage.

In conclusion, most of the pool cleaner needs a direct power supply and has long tangling cords in the way of efficient cleaner. But Pool Blaster Max saves lots of time and effort for sure.

Multilayer scrubbing filtration

The fin of the Pool Blaster Max is made from a sturdy yet durable rubber with a multilayer scrubbing filtration system. The vacuum head inside the fin is about 10.5″ broad with a brush array. For a handheld pool vacuum, a brush array is super-efficient and quick to clean the pool in no time.

Moreover, the filter mouth has a large capture chamber with an exclusive filter bag. This combination makes cleaning sand, silt, leaves, pollen, and twigs leaving no trace behind. The strong suction makes the machine stand up straight, which is why it is super-efficient.

Furthermore, the filter bag is made with a strong bag that is washing machine safe and can also be cleaned under running water with a hand.

NOTE: Water Tech Pool Blaster Max comes with 1 year of limited warranty.


  • Powerful motor
  • Powerful suction
  • Easy installation
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Cordless rechargeable system
  • Multilayer scrubbing filter system
  • Lithium-ion high-powered battery


  • Tricky with the suction cones, acorns, and stones

3.    Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Suction-Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner (Best Suction Side Vacuum for Above Ground Pool)

Pentair K50600 pool cleaner

Pentair is a prominent name when it comes to automatic pool cleaner for above ground pools. The handy dynamic design with optimal vacuuming power is perfect for Intex above ground pools. Moreover, the 32 ft hose is also included in the cleaner, making it ideal for small to medium-sized pools. Due to its hydraulic design and amazing performance and pool coverage, it ranks third in our above ground pool cleaner reviews.


Sleek Design

The vertical dual rod with a blue rubber fin and white attachments are not just unique but stylish as also. Overall, the construction of the pool cleaner is designed on the bases of hydraulic design. The fin with optimum vacuuming power ensures even cleaning.

Moreover, it is convenient and light in weight. Mostly suction-side pool cleaners get tricky with the speed and pool coverage, but Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac is durable and straightforward to use.

Operational Flapper

One of the highlights of the Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac is that there is only one movable and operational part. That is the flapper or the rubber fin. It is made from a sturdy and durable rubber at covers maximum area. Such dependable service ensures easy usability.

Moreover, the single flapper cuts the maintenance cost—no need for wheel and gear replacement or any expensive maintenance services.

Skimming valve

The automatic free-hand skimming valve is an excellent addition to the Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Suction-Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner. The skimming valve ensures the regulation of the water flow. Therefore, the pool cleaner adapts to the right cleaning speed.

Moreover, the combination of skimming and cleaning speed ensures the cleaner surface simultaneously. In short, no more disgusting algae, debris and dirt after vacuuming.

Random coverage

The random coverage pattern cleans the pool floors thoroughly. People may say that suction-based cleaner can not cover every inch of the pool, but for Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac, it is a piece of cake.

Due to the vacuum’s random movement, every stubborn inch of the pool is cleaned and vacuumed. Thus, you get a crystal-clear pool in no time without any hard efforts.

NOTE: Pentair K50600 comes with two years of limited Manufacturer Warranty.


  • Hydraulic design
  • Good lifespan
  • Low Maintenance
  • Ideal for Intex pools
  • Automatic skimming valve
  • Sleek and comfortable to hold
  • Self-adjusting cleaning speed


  • A bit noisy

4.    AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner (Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner)

AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

AIPER Automatic robotic pool cleaner is a reliable entry in our above ground pool cleaner reviews. It is built with advanced technology that ensures squeaky clean results in no time. One of the highlights of AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is that it is lightweight yet potent. It is powerful enough for medium to large above ground pools. Moreover, the easy play and plug technology make it stand among the best above ground robotic pool cleaners.


Durable construction

Overall, the AIPER is made with the best and safe features for user’s ease. The durable and stylish grey and black body protect the powerful motor and the filtration system. The front bottom has refined roller sponge, and the bottom has high-quality 4x PVC brushes removes all dirt, debris and algae in no time. Moreover, the larger filter bag and tangle-free swivel cord make the cleaning process easy and ideal for larger pools.

In addition to all the cleaning facility, the manufacturer has provided a safety robe. In case of any accident, it can help from electrocution.

Spacious Filter

The porous and durable top load filter is one of the plus points of the AIPER Robotic cleaner. It has enough space to use the machine for the entire season cleaner, but the filter will never be full. The filter locks-in and collects all dirt and debris.

Furthermore, you can easily clean the filter bag by hand. All you have to do is dump out the garbage and clean under the running water, so easy.

Climbing Ability

One of the highlights of the AIPER is the wall climbing ability. Due to light bodyweight and sturdy gears and wheels, the robotic cleaner can easily climb the walls and scrub them clean. Moreover, this ability is ideal for the tricky waterlines and the stubborn corners where the water pump is often placed.

Furthermore, anti-rollover technology also helps it stay on the wall while cleaning. Many robotic pool cleaners for above ground pools may roll over while cleaner the larger pools but due to such technology AIPER will not. And with the addition of a tangle-free swivel cord, the cleaner process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Cleaning cycle Timer

AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is a relief for busy people like us. The built-in schedule helps the user select from the three pre-programmed daily cleaning schedules, i.e., for an hour, 2 hours, or three hours. This pre-programmed schedule literally saves a lot of time. Moreover, you don’t have to monitor the cleaning. Just set and forget. You will always find a clean pool to relax by the end of your chores.

Note: The AIPER Automatic Pool cleaner comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Easy wall climbing
  • Plug and Play usability
  • Larger filtration capacity
  • Anti-rollover technology


  • Roller sponge may need replacement after a few months

5.    PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaner (Best Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum)

PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaner

PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaner is built with advanced technology available in the market. The whole system is based upon the smart AI system that has pre-programmed everything for the users in advance. From installation to cleaning cycle scheduling, a crystal-clear pool is just one to one touch away. Thus, PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaner ranks fifth in our list of the best pool cleaner for above ground pools.


Dynamic design

PAXCESS Automatic robotic pool cleaner has an advance AI control panel for easy usability. The installation of the control panel and the main cleaning machine is so easy and quick. Overall, the construction of the cleaner may look like any other cleaners, but it has the most successful and reliable AI system. The smart navigation and the ultra-absorbent roller brush ease your life with efficient results.

Deep cleaning roller brushes

The four PVA sponge roller brushes are sturdy and have twice the cleaning power as regular ones. They are super absorbent and scrub off the dirt and debris off while wiping the floor gently. Moreover, the front scrubbing sponge brush cleans and vacuum the debris off the floor and helps in sticking to the walls. Thus, you get hassle-free cleaning even during the pre-programmed cleaning cycles.

Smart Navigation system

The advanced AI embedded navigation system is what makes it super reliable to have. Once the above ground pool robotic cleaner is on, it scans the pool area and navigates itself for dirt, leaves, twigs, stones, debris, and even algae too. Moreover, the system is smart enough to sense the dirt even on the high walls of the pool.

Furthermore, the pre-installed powerful pump and the 360-degree swivel cord make the movement easy for the pool. That’s why the navigation is super effective.

Pre-programmed cleaning cycles

PAXCESS Automatic robotic pool cleaner has an advance AI panel that allows you to choose from three cleaning cycle settings, i.e., an hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours. From each cycle, smart navigation system thoroughly cleans the floor and the wall without any human supervision and assistance. Thus, it carefully and timely clean the pool and filter out the water.

Amazing Filtration system

The easy top access filter basket is super spacious. It is large enough for you to clean the large pool for all season without cleaning the filter bag again and again. The filter easily traps micro particle of dirt to large leaves and twigs too very easily. Thus, it circulates the water will cleaning the pool.

NOTE: The PAXCESS Automatic Pool Cleaner comes with extended 2 years of warranty.


  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Advanced AI design
  • Auto-cleaning cycle timer
  • Self-Navigation system
  • Wall Climbing Ability
  • PVA brush and rollers
  • Anti-tangle swivel cable
  • Ideal for 50 ft. pool or above ground pools


  • Tricky pool steps cleaning
  • Tricky waterline cleaning

6.    Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Above-Ground Pool Cleaner (Best Efficient Above ground Aautomatic Pool Vacuum )

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Pool Cleaners are one of the funkiest yet best residential Above-Ground automatic pool vacuums. The wide wheels and powerful suction of over 70 Gallons per minute are ideal for all surfaced pools. The easy plug-and-play operation and microns nominal filtration bag ensure easy usability and a squeaky-clean pool every time. Moreover, the national independent organization (ETL) ensures the safety compliance of the cleaner. Therefore, it ranks sixth in our list of the best automatic vacuum for above-ground pools.


Exclusive Hydro-Robotic Technology

The Aquabot engineers have built the Pool Rover Junior with one of their best Patented technologies. One of them is Hydro Robotic Technology that eases the movement of the cleaner in the water. Besides being light in weight, this technology helps the cleaner powerful walk through the intense pressure of the water. Thus, Cleaner doesn’t need any extra drive motors or gears. And the few of those which are required are very cheap.

Filtration system

The reusable filtration bag is a powerful feature that has never been seen before in all robotic pool cleaners for above-ground pools. The filter bag is made with the finest material that can catch microparticles as small as 2 microns. That means the bacteria, dirt, and algae can not hide anymore. With such adequate cleaning, you do not have to use those expensive antibacterial cleaners anymore. Aquabot Pool Rover Junior will work for you in getting safe, healthier, and affordable cleaning.

Power Efficient

The Aquabot has the most efficient and power-efficient system. It takes almost 50% less power energy to operate. Furthermore, it saves water by using a backwashing technique that traps the dirt and debris in a self-contained unit. Thus, the water circulation enhances too. Due to the use of the finest filtration system, you don’t have to spend money buying the extra cleaning liquid for the pool. Aquabot Pool Rover Junior is not just efficient but affordable in many ways that you have not thought about.

Axle Pin

The axle pin is usually attached to the joints of the wheels, and they are adjustable. The purpose of the axle pin is to help the cleaner cover the maximum pool area.

Similarly, Aquabot equips axle pin too for better coverage and maximum clean in a single go. It also helps in preventing the cable from tangling.

NOTE: The Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool cleaner comes with a year warranty for the motor.


  • Lightweight
  • Power Efficient
  • Fine filtration
  • Extra-wide wheels
  • Automatic shutoff timer
  • Patented Hydro Robotic Technology
  • Power supply transformer included


  • The floating cable is too short, i.e., 40 ft.
  • Wheels need tightening quite often.

7.    POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Underwater Cleaner (Best Portable Vacuum For Above Ground pools)

POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum

POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Underwater Cleaner is an ideal choice for small above-ground pools and spa pools. This handheld cleaner is super affordable and requires almost zero effort in usability. Due to manual usage, it helps in saving a lot of money and electric energy. Therefore, it ranks seventh in our above ground pool sweepers.


Portable design

Overall, the pool vacuum cleaner is very handy, light in weight, and compact. The simple grip handle is attached to a 5 section pole of 48 inches and the cleaning head. The five pieces pole can easily be adjusted to the desired length, or you can also extend the length by buying extra pieces. The assembly is like a piece of cake, and it literally saves so much effort and time. Moreover, the five pieces feature also allows you to break it down and box it. Thus, it is so compact to keep in your house or garage.

Deluxe vacuuming power

One of the highlights of the POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Underwater cleaner is that it can easily attach to your garden hose. The vacuum of the cleaner works of the pressure built by the water. When the pressure enters the vacuum, it draws in all dirt, debris, and leaves into the filter. Thus, its usability is not restricted to above ground and spa pools. You can use it for cleaning ponds and fountains as well.

Filtration Nylon net

The pole has a large capacity fine nylon mesh net for filtration. The mesh collects the finest particle of dirt to the debris from the Bottom of the pool within few seconds. Moreover, the retractable rope has a buckle that lets you secure the filter net at the outlet. All you have to do is pull the buckle to detach the filter bag and to fix it back. Other than that, the nylon net is very easy to clean by hand too.

Tough Bottom brush

The cleaning head not just has a vacuuming system but has a brush also. The bristle brush is challenging even to scrub away all stubborn spots of debris and dirt. But at the same time, the brush is gentle enough to surface as well. Moreover, the brush works perfectly fine with the vacuum pressure. Therefore, you get a crystal-clear pool every time with minimum manpower.

NOTE: POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Underwater cleaner comes with 1 years of limited Manufacturer Warranty.


  • Easy installation
  • Light in weight
  • Extremely affordable
  • Fine Filter net
  • Bristle brush bottom
  • Ideal for small or spa pools


  • Might need pole extension

8.    Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Pool Vacuum (Best Small Above Ground Pool Vacuum)

Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale

Hayward is one of the top-rated brands when it comes to pool cleaners. They have a reputation for making the most durable and reliable pool cleaners with a hint of style. And Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Pool Vacuum is the cutest entry in their product line. It is so cute and eye-catching that it will be famous among the children very quickly. This Hayward above ground pool cleaner is made with the same advanced technology that craters the best pool clean experience. Thus, it is ranked eighth in our list of the Best Vacuum for Above Ground Pool.


The cutest design

Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Pool Vacuum has a cute blue whale casing with a whale fin. It is very eye-catching and ideal for amusing kids while it thoroughly cleans the pool. Moreover, most of the user has purchased Wanda, the whale for teaching their kids swimming and maintenance of the pool.

Furthermore, its cute looks do not have the company compromise on its performance. The well-engineered and advanced steering system with strong suction is perfect for all sizes and shapes of in-ground and above-ground pools.

Smart Drive Steering system

Wanda, the whale, has a patented smart drive steering wheel system right in the middle. This advanced technology ensures quick cleaning performance. It smartly navigates the pool and the dirt particles and cleans it in the short time possible. Thus, you get a thoroughly cleaned pool at every use.

Turbine system

The unique turbine gearing system balance the movement of Wanda, the whale, with respect to the water pressure. When the water pressure enters the machine, the turbine system stabilizes the balance and the speed of the pool cleaner. Thus, Wanda the whale gently moves across the pool while clean the water and traps the dirt and debris inside. Other than that, the pool skimmer can easily connect to the cleaner. The installation is very easy and does not require any tool as well.

Reliable movement

Another thing that stabilizes Wanda’s motion, the whale pool cleaner, is the Deluxe bumper rings on the bottom. These rings balance out the friction and guide the pool cleaner into the stubborn corner of the pool. Furthermore, there is a little setback that cleaner is not ideal for wall and step cleaning. The bumper does not allow it to do so.

NOTE: Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale comes with 1 year of limited Manufacturer Warranty.


  • Easy installation
  • Good suction
  • Patented smart drive steering
  • Unique turbine and gear system
  • Smart and attractive construction


  • Not ideal for large leaves and twigs
  • No wall climbing ability

Want to know the difference between In-Ground Pool and Above-Ground Poolclick here.

What to Look for while Choosing the Best Vacuum For Above Ground Pool – A Buyers Guide

Above ground pool sweeper is a convenient choice for busy people like us. Let us be real; a clean pool is relaxing and enjoyable by just watching it. We also know that gaining such cleanliness by human power is time-consuming. Here automatic vacuum for the above ground pool will cut your time to less than half. But which one to choose and how to choose…. The concern is very overwhelming, but finding the right one is not a problem when you set some benchmarks for your requirement. Here are few benchmarks and crucial properties that you need to understand for the best pool cleaner for above ground pools.

Types of Pool cleaner

Usually, the pool cleaners have two types: Robotic pool cleaner and suction pool cleaner. Both are suitable for above ground pools, but the usability is totally up to the user. Since the robotic pool cleaners are smart enough to do all work from cleaning to navigation by themselves, a suction-based pool cleaner might need your attention.

Moreover, the Robotic pool cleaner is ideal for busy people or someone who wants to spend time on other home chores while the cleaner does all the cleaning for them. But you can easily connect a suction-based cleaner to the pool pump.

In contrast, a suction-based pool cleaner gives you more effective cleaning when you need your attention in maintenance. However, the choice depends on the budget as well since robotic cleaners are expensive.

Size of the Pool

The quality of cleanliness of the above ground automatic pool cleaners depends on the size of the pool. Since cleaners need more power for larger surface areas, the motor and filtration system must be strong enough. Other than that, do keep in mind how much energy and power will the pool cleaner utilize.

Therefore, we recommend if you have a small to the medium-sized pool, a suction-based pool cleaner will work perfectly for you. Similarly, for a larger pool with double the size of dirt and debris, a robotic above ground pool cleaner is efficient for clean and saving time for the user.

Filtration Rate

Above-ground automatic pool cleaners’ filtration rate is a crucial property to check while buying one. Usually, a good filtration rate helps in understanding how ensuring the cleaning quality is. Moreover, a filter must have the rate of cleaning a minimum of 70 gallons of water per minute.  Both suction-based and robotic pool cleaners have different capacities for the filtration rate, but both are available in the higher filtration rate as well. And for the above ground pools, 70 gallons per minute is perfect.

Hose and Hose Length

The variation of hose and hose length again depends on the type of pool cleaner. The suction-based pool cleaner needs a good hose length. Mostly robotic cleaners may or may not have a hose setting because of their independent system, but few may offer pool hose.

Thus, for a suction-based cleaner, it doesn’t matter how powerful it is; if the hose length is not enough, the cleaning will be hard for the user.

Cleaning capacity

Finally, the answer to the question that what cleaning capacity of the best above ground automatic pool cleaner should be. There are two things that you should consider first to find the answer. First, the climate of the area you will. Is it windy? How often your pool gets dirty they the environment?

The second property to consider is the size of the pool. Now that you have answered these questions, the pool cleaners must have enough power to clean the debris, dirt, leaves, twig, sand, silt, and even algae from your pool. This is the cleaning capacity we are looking for.

But here is a small detail for you to notice, for cleaning small particles of dirt and debris, a suction-based pool is perfect. Similarly, for cleaning the larger dirt like leaves, twigs, and acorns, robotic is the perfect fit for your expectation and cleaner pool.

Also, we have already discussed suction-based for small to the medium pool and robotic for a larger pools. By the type of dirt, the decision is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best above ground pool vacuum?

Dolphin E10 robotic pool cleaner is the best above ground pool vacuum.

2. How to hook up vacuum to above ground pool pump?

Hooking up vacuum to above ground pool pump is very easy. Simply hook the head of the vacuum to the pole and attach the head to the hose. Attach the other end of the hose to the adaptor.

3. Do you need a pool vacuum cleaner for above ground pool?

Yes, you do need a pool vacuum cleaner for above ground pool.

4. Can you use a Kreepy Krawly in an above ground pool?

Yes, Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Suction-Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner works best well for the purpose.

5. How often should you change water in you an above ground pool?

You should change the water in your above ground pool after every 3 to five days.

Final Verdict

For the right pool cleaner for the above ground pool, you don’t have to keep in mind the pool’s length and depth only. The decision also depends upon the pool cleaner, whose technology and ease of use go hand in hand with you and the pool itself.

Although all the pool cleaners on today’s list are the best, my choice for the best vacuum for the above ground pool is Dolphin E10. This pool cleaner is a beast! Its advanced technology, power efficiency, and ease of use give it thumbs up. Robotic pool cleaners are a bit pricy, but they are worth your every penny thanks to their advanced technology.

Let me know which pool cleaner turned out to be the best fit for your above ground pool? And why?