Cheap Pool Vacuum Product review, Guide and FAQs

Looking for the best cheap pool vacuum for your pool? We’ve got it covered for you.

Once you have a pool, the responsibility to maintain is fresh and clean comes naturally. Indeed, the pool is a relaxing option to enjoy time off from the hustle of life.

But when it comes to cleaning it, you might find yourself even more stressed out. Sometimes hiring someone to clean the pool is out of budget and not a permanent solution too.

Thus, you are only left with a limited budget and desire to seek pool cleaning service permanently. So why not for a pool that is under your budget? Something that just perfect for your pool under an affordable price range?

Which one is the best for your type of pool? Which is an efficient and reliable one? If you feel overwhelmed by a large number of options available in the market, then do not worry; we got your back! Scroll down the best inexpensive pool cleaners with a detailed review and a guide to make your decision easier.

List of Best Cheap Pool Vacuum

Pool maintenance can be expensive, especially when you have a restricted budget. Because pool cleaners come in different types, technologies, and functions, as you go high on these features, the price goes up as well. When you have a limited budget, you would naturally have to compromise on a few features. However, everyone wants to get the maximum value for money. So, if you want to buy the best cheap pool vacuum for your swimming pool, here are the top five pool cleaners within your budget.

Comparison Table – Cheap Pool Vacuum

Top picksSpecificationsReview
Pool Blaster Max Pool CleanerPool Blaster Max CordlessWeight: 5.5 pounds
Dimensions:15.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Best Budget Cordless Pool Cleaner
Pentair K60430Pentair K60430Weight: 18.1 pounds
Dimensions:7.2 x 17 x 42 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Best Cheap In-ground Pool Cleaners
Hayward Advanced Aqua Critter AR500YHayward Advanced Aqua Critter AR500YWeight: 5.5 pounds
Dimensions:15.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Best Budget Automatic Pool Cleaner
Hayward W900 Wanda the WhaleHayward W900 Wanda the WhaleWeight: 21 pounds
Dimensions:40.8 x 12.8 x 12.9 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Best Cheap Above-ground Pool Vacuum
Zodiac Ranger Suction SideZodiac Ranger Suction SideWeight: 15 pounds
Dimensions:16 x 9.5 x 40.5 inches
Warranty: 1 year
Best Cheap Pool Cleaner

1.    Pool Blaster Max Cordless Rechargeable (Best Budget Cordless Pool Cleaner)

Pool Blaster Max Pool Cleaner

Pool Blaster Max is one of the most reliable and budget-friendly pool cleaners you will ever see. The easy-to-use handy design with a spacious filter bag is just what you need to achieve that crystal-clear pool. Furthermore, the rechargeable motor system is what makes Pool Blaster exceptional. This cordless cleaner is made with convenience and ideal for tangle-free performance. Therefore, it is ranked No.1 in our list of cheap pool vacuum cleaners.


Construction and Design

Pool Blaster Max is one of the lightest pool cleaners even though it has a rechargeable battery and fully functional filtration system. Overall, the machine is very sturdy and powerful for a handheld cheap pool vacuum. The plastic-covered handle with a long rod is attached to the main power motor battery and the rubber fin. The fin is made with multiple layers to create a strong suction between the fin and the pool surface for effective cleaning. Moreover, bulky incasing is durable enough to keep the motor box and battery safe and long-lasting for sure.

Multilayer Fin

Fin is the highlight of the Pool Blaster Max. The multi-layered fin has a unique layer of scrubbers and a filtration system. Fin has 10.5 inches opening for the vacuum and suction head, accompanied by an array of bristle brushes. The sturdy bristle brush helps clean the stubborn specks of dirt and debris on the floor and along the sides.

Moreover, the strong suction motor helps increase the friction between the fin and the floor. Thus, the cleaner stands upright and cleans the floor in a single go.

Suction Motor

The suction power is amazing on Pool Blaster Max due to the well-engineered motor box and multi-layered fin. The company “water Tech” has introduced their patented technology in the form of the motor box. The Motor box has a P30 motor that creates a strong suction between the fin and the pool floor. Thus, even for a handheld pool cleaner, debris and dirt are not a problem.

Rechargeable Battery

Pool blaster Max has a Lithium-ion battery with enough power capacity to cleaner for an hour.  This high-powered battery can charge in about 4 hours and does not need any power supply while cleaning. Thus, it ensures the cordless, hose-free, and tangle-free cleaning experience in no time.

Note: The Pool Blaster Max comes with a year of limited warranty.


  • Powerful motor
  • Good suction ability
  • Light in weight
  • Ideal for small-sized pools
  • Multi-layered scrubbing fin
  • Cordless power system
  • Rechargeable battery with the performance of an hour


  • Tricky with large sized leaves and twigs

2.    Pentair K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser (Best Cheap Inground Pool Cleaners)

Pentair K60430

Pentair has manufactured an amazing range of efficient pool cleaners in the market. The K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser is one of their suction-side pool cleaners for sure. The signature design of Pentair products, along with the well-engineered hand-free operation, is an ideal choice for large inground pools. Thus, it is ranked second as the best yet cheap inground pool cleaners in our review.



The Pentair has its unique design with a long handy rod and a fin. But the Pentair K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser has a superior vacuuming power which is perfectly paired with an extra-wide mouth to suck up all the dirt, debris, leaves, and even twigs too.

Moreover, the bulky motor power setup and filtration system, even with a high-performance cleaning, are noiseless. Thus, you can not just enjoy the clean pool but can sit and relax at the edge of the pool while this cheap automatic pool vacuum works quietly.

Easy Installation

One of the highlights of the K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser is the easy and effortless assembly. We won’t say that it is quick, but once you understand it, it is easy as counting one, two, and three. All you have to connect the hose according to your desired pool size. Then attached the suction port and the hose to the front skimmer flap. Both require no use of any tools.

Now, all you have left with turning the pump on and see the K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser cleaning up the dirt and debris. Moreover, the hose extension is very inexpensive; therefore, you do not have to separate a big budget for affordable pool cleaning.

Suction system

The fin has an amazing and powerful suction system. The high-performance pump generates the vacuuming power, and this power is perfectly paired with the extra-wide mouth right at the bottom middle of the fin. This wide mouth helps in sucking up all kinds of dirt and debris, whether large or small sure with ease.

Wall Climber

The fin also has a built-in bumper. The bumper ensures that the K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser can move easily along the steps and ladders. Thus, it can easily climb the walls, too, even with the long handy design.

Moreover, this feature not just ensures the full coverage of the pool but also helps in uninterrupted hand-free cleaning. Furthermore, the seal around the fin has slits and a finger-like design, which also enhances the easy movement along the sides and edges of the pool where no cleaner can ever perform. Thus, such an efficient wall and step climbing ability is a bargain for a cheap automatic pool cleaner.

Note: The Pentair K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser comes with a One-year warranty.

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  • Noiseless
  • Easy installation
  • Wall climbing ability
  • Wide suction mouth
  • Amazing vacuuming power
  • Hand-free movement and operation


  • Might get stuck in corners often

3.    Hayward Advanced Aqua Critter AR500Y (Best Budget Automatic Pool Cleaner)

Hayward Advanced Aqua Critter AR500Y

Hayward is a renowned brand when it comes to unique and eye-catching cheap pool cleaners. The Hayward Advanced Aqua Critter AR500Y is part of their cute and high-performance pool cleaners. It looks like a bee and works just like a one, too, buzzing around the pool searching for dirt and debris. No doubt, the Hayward has made it with the best and reliable features too. Thus, because of the unique combination of cute looks and the patented technology, Aqua Critter AR500Y is a must to add products to our list of affordable pool vacuums.


Colorful Construct

The yellow casing with a face of a bee is the first thing that catches your eyes. The fun and colorful design is not just fun to have but also very sturdy to use. The yellow casing encloses the unique suction system for effective cleaning.

Moreover, in the recent survey, Aqua Critter AR500Y has become very popular among parents. They find Aqua Critter very fun and helpful for them to teach their kids swimming. Furthermore, the children have shown great interest in using it; thus, they have the gain fun experience of pool maintenance.

Patented Steering System

The Aqua Critter yellow casing actually protects the smart steering drive system. This patented technology helps in give the quickest cleaning performance. In short, the steering system efficiently navigates the surface area of the pool and lands right over the dirt to save time and energy. Other than that, the pool cleaner can be an attachment to the skimmer in no time. Thus, you do not need any extra tool in hand while installing it.

Deluxe Bummer rings

The round face of the bee has bummer rings around it. This deluxe bummer ring actually stabilizes the motion in the water. The ring guides the cleaner towards the corner of the pool and balances out the friction as well. Moreover, the bummer rings make the Aqua Critter unfit for climbing walls and the steps for cleaning. But still, it covers the edges quite well than the other pool cleaners at such an affordable price.

Smart Gear and Turbine

The Aqua Critter has a unique movement mechanism. Due to its round bulky body, the chances of unbalancing the cleaner are very high. Thus, the gear and turbine system creates strong water pressure.

This water pressure has two main advantages. The first is to balance the movement of the cleaner by creating enough friction between the cleaner head and the flooring of the pool. The second is the effective cleaning of the pool. The water pressure helps in trapping the stubborn debris and dirt inside the head.

Note: The Hayward Advanced Aqua Critter AR500Y comes with a One-year warranty.

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  • Good suction
  • Easy installation
  • 32 ft. hose included
  • Cute and fun design
  • Patented Smart steering drive and gear
  • Ideal for both above-ground and in-ground pools


  • Not ideal for Intex pools
  • Not ideal for large stones, leaves, and twigs

4.    Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale (Best Cheap Above-ground Pool Vacuum)

Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale

Hayward has already given us the best cheap above-ground pool vacuum till now. The W900 Wanda the Whale is yet another of the cutest and fun addition in the market from them. The cute looks are perfectly paired with advanced technology that results in effective and efficient cleaning. The cute whale design will become very popular in kids, and with the amazing cleaning result, it will take over the adults. Thus, it is ranked fourth as the best pool cleaner for the money.


Whale Design

The first and foremost thing that you will love is the cute face of a blue whale with a tiny fin. This whale casing is made from the sturdiest material that encloses a well-engineered suction and steering system. At the bottom of the Wanda, you will find the bummer rings that ensure no collision between the edges of the pool.

Like Aqua Critter from Hayward, Wanda the whale is very popular among the kids and their parents. Hayward’s this range of fun and cute cheap pool vacuums have helped many parents entertain their kids by teaching them swimming and cleaner their pools at the same time.

Smart Steering Driver

Just like Aqua Critter, Wanda the Whale has the same Hayward’s patented technology for navigation. The smart steering drive system helps the cleaner map out the pool’s area. Then it navigates through the pool in search of dirt and debris.

This system helps a lot, even when cleaning a pool in a short amount of time. Thus, Wanda the Whale quickly identifies the areas that must be cleaned thoroughly to get the crystal-clear pool in less time and energy.

Gear and Turbine system

The Round face of Wanda with big goo-goo eyes has a chance of floating and flipping over the surface while cleaning. Thus, the gears and turbine system are built to produce strong suction due to water pressure.

The water pressure not just balances the movement of the pool cleaner but also helps with high-performance cleaning. The water pressure helps in scrapping off the stubborn specks of debris and dirt first, and then they are sucked up into the suction head. Therefore, you do not have to worry about manually scrubbing the dirt and debris too.

Easy Installation

Wanda the Whale comes with a 32 ft. hose that can be connected directly to the skimmer. This helps a lot in saving time and the hustle of complex installation that might need extra tools. Moreover, it is an ideal choice for both above-ground pools and in-ground pools with a size of 27 ft. maximum for easy and effective cleaning.

Note: The Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

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  • Easy-to-use
  • Powerful suction
  • Easy installation
  • Smart steering drive
  • Eye-catching design
  • Smart steering drive
  • Powerful gear and turbine system
  • Ideal for both above-ground and in-ground pools


  • Not ideal of walls and steps
  • Tricky with large leaves and twigs

5.    Zodiac Ranger Suction Side (Best Cheap Pool Cleaner)

Zodiac Ranger Suction Side

Zodiac is one of the top brands when it comes to reliable pool cleaning products. The Zodiac Ranger Suction-side pool cleaner is a lightweight, cheap automatic pool cleaner. One of the highlights of the Zodiac Ranger is that even it is handheld, it still has amazing cleaning features that make it superior to many other products in the market. Therefore, it is ranked No. 5 as the cheap auto pool cleaner.



The Zodiac Ranger rather seems very interestingly odd at first sight with the wheel around its long rod. But everything small detail has its own amazing features. This well-engineered pool cleaner has a circular fin along with a sturdy plastic casing.

Moreover, the bottom of the fin has deflector wheels and self-adjusting valves for adjusting water flow according to the requirement. Therefore, even it is handheld, and it is automatic for sure.

Moveable Fin

The Zodiac Ranger has only one part, which is actually moveable too, the Fin. The fin can be operated easily by the long rod. It has the filtration system at the bottom, and honestly, this filtration system is one of the strongest, just the quietest ones you will ever have.

Since this is the only movable part, the Zodiac Ranger comes to your doorsteps pre-assembled. The only thing that requires installation is the fin. It is super easy to install and does not need any tools or special gears too.

Deflector wheel

Surprisingly, the fin has deflector wheels. The deflector wheels help the cleaner guide the area of the pool and the obstacles in the way. Thus, the cleaner either changes the course to avoid the obstacle or tries to move it out of the way.

Moreover, this feature is ideal for climbing steps, ladder, and even the walls. It even cleans the pool’s stubborn corners and edges where a fully automatic and robotic cleaner might not reach. Thus, making it an exceptional feature for a handheld pool cleaner at such an affordable pool cleaner price.

Self-adjusting valves

The fin has a set of self-adjusting valves right at the bottom. These valves adjust themselves automatically to control the water flow. This helps in regulating the water flow when the pool vacuum is cleaning the stubborn dirt and debris. Thus, the cleaning performance is surprisingly amazing for suction-side pool cleaners too.

Unique AG Disc

The AG Disc is also placed at the bottom of the fin around the water flow valves. It ensures the smooth movement of the cleaner over the pool flooring. It creates enough friction for the cleaner to stand upright and, at the time, scours the grime, slit, and dirt off the floor. Thus, the cleaner does not suck at just one place. Moreover, it keeps the motion of the cleaner steady even at the sides and steps too.

Note: The Zodiac Ranger Suction Side comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Noiseless
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • 32 ft. hose included
  • Ideal for above-ground pools
  • Wheel deflectors with AG disc
  • Self-adjusting water flow valve control
  • Ideal for cleaning corners, steps, and ladder


  • Not ideal for Intex and soft-sided pools

Things to consider while buying the Best Cheap Pool Vacuum Cleaner: A Buying Guide

All pools come in different sizes and shapes with different construct. Each pool is designed with a unique, some are above-ground pools, and some are in-ground. Or some have different flooring. For cleaning and maintenance, there are a variety of pools available in the market. But finding the best budget pool cleaner is a jackpot for sure. Here are the few crucial properties you need to understand and identify to get the best value for the money you are spending.

Types of Pool cleaners

Before you march into buying a pool cleaner, you should understand the types of pool cleaners. Three types of pool cleaners are commonly used: Suction, pressure, and robotic.

The suction-side pool cleaners have the ability to suck up all dirt and debris. They do not have any inbuild filtration system, but they are easy attached to the pool filtration. In short, they are an ideal choice for the small debris and dirt, but you may find them working hard for the debris like twigs, acorns, and leaves.

Then we have Pressure-side pool cleaners. They work on the principle of high-water pressure. The booster pump achieves the pressure, and the cleaning pattern is usually random. Furthermore, they are considered more reliable and efficient than the suction-side cleaner. The pressure cleaning also helps remove algae and stubborn dirt along the edges of the pool.

Last but not least, we have fully automated and intelligent robotic pool cleaners. Due to the use of advanced technology, they will scrub the pool clean in no time. With the help of pre-programmed features with a smart navigation system, robotic pool cleaner will not be stuck in just one corner of the pool. It will scan the pool’s length and clean the dirt and debris in the optimal and fastest time possible.

Size and Shape of the Pool

Many products are built under a specific type of pool, size, and shape. It the important thing for you to note down the answers to the following questions:

  1. Do you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool?
  2. What is the size and shape of your pool?
  3. What is the flooring material?

Once you have written down the answers, finding the best inexpensive pool cleaner is easy. A good pool cleaner will give you an optimal performance when enough cords can freely traverse around the pool. Thus, while choosing the cheap swimming pool vacuum cleaners, look into the recommended pool types and sizes.

Moreover, keep an eye on which flooring material the pool is ideal for. This will help a lot with ineffective cleaning and clean the flooring without damaging the surface and the lining finish.

Filtration system

The filtration system is like the heart of the pool cleaner. Mostly the performance of the filtration system depends on the suction or vacuuming ability of the cleaner. But few things should be known, like the top-access feature, filter bag quality, and strength.

The filter bag must not be too fine that it may ripe-off or too dense. Thus, it should carry dirt and debris while filtering out the water clean without any dirt specks. Moreover, the filter space also plays an important role. A spacious filter bag or basket can help you cleaning the pool vacuum almost every day and every week without any hustle.


Many people will think since buying a cheap one may need low maintenance even if so few parts of the cleaner can still be costly, especially if you are buying an automatic or robotic pool cleaner. Such pool cleaners may have patented technology that is better fixed by the manufacturer’s customer service. Therefore, a warranty comes in handy for sure when if the pool cleaners price is less.

Usually, the warranty for a pool cleaner may vary from a year to 3 years. Many manufacturers also provide extended warranty if your log-on to their website and register the product.

Frequently Asked Questions – Cheap Pool Vacuum

1.What is the best cheap pool vacuum?

Pool Blaster is the best cheap pool vacuum.

2. What is the best cheap above-ground pool vacuum?

Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale is the best cheap above-ground pool vacuum.

3. What is the best Cheap Inground Pool Cleaner?

Pentair K60430 is the best Cheap Inground Pool Cleaner.

4. What is the best budget automatic pool cleaner?

Hayward Advanced Aqua Critter AR500Y is the best budget automatic pool cleaner.

Final Verdict

Buying the best cheap pool vacuum depends upon one’s budget. however, given a minimum range of $100 to $200, we have chosen the best cheap pool vacuums. So, the choice is your alone.

Do mention in the comments below which cheap pool vacuum you got for your swimming pool and why?