Top 3 Dolphin Pool Cleaners – A Detailed Comparison

Looking for the best Dolphin Pool Cleaners for your swimming pool? Read ahead to find out!

The pool is an enjoyable and relaxing option to have in the home. It has a great impact on the lifestyle, but you might find yourself in an overwhelmed situation when it comes to maintenance. It doesn’t matter what your pool’s size or shape is, but the cleaning needs a lot of effort when working manually.

The question that stands here is cleaning the pool manually when you have some leading brands that manufacture the best pool cleaner. Since we are talking about the best pool cleaner company, Maytronics is a must to mention. Their range of Dolphin pool cleaners is one of the automatic and robotic pool cleaning solutions.

The initiative “Dolphin” was introduced with many meaningful causes by Maytronics Company. They have not just served the community with the best pool cleaner but also helped save marine life. Thus, they have produced a reliable solution for your pool without wastage of power, electricity, and time.

Each dolphin pool cleaners is built under advanced technology and a careful supervisor to make your life easier with the best pool cleaning experience. Each product meets the basic need with extra personal preferences, from CleverClean navigation system to compatibility with the pool flooring.

Thus, we will share our three personal favorites that we call the best dolphin pool cleaner for everyone. Each one of them fits perfectly to your expectations. So, let’s gear up and discuss the three based on design, technology, performance, usability, and price. This dolphin pool cleaner comparison will be your ultimate buying guide.

Comparison Table – Dolphin Pool Cleaners

SpecificationsDolphin Nautilus CC Plus Dolphin E10 Automatic Dolphin Premier
Dolphin Nautilus CC PlusDolphin E10 pool cleanerDolphin Premier pool cleaner
ColourBlack and blueWhite and greyGrey and Blue
Weight19 pounds13.8 pounds22 pounds
Dimension16 x 10 x 16 inches18 x 22 x 12 inches18 x 22 x 12 inches
Pool Flooring RecommendationAllAllAll
Pool type RecommendationIn-ground poolsAbove-ground poolsBoth, Above-ground and In-ground pools
Pool size recommendation50 feet30 feet50 feet
Cable length60 feet40 feet60 feet
Cable SwivelYesNoYes
Filter TypeTwin Ultra-Fine Cartridge PanelFiltration Cartridge Panel BasketUltra-Fine Cartridge. Oversized Leaf Bag
Filter CapacityLargeLargeLarge
Filter AccessTopTopTop
Pool CoverageFloor, Wall and along WaterlineFloor onlyFloor, walls, and waterline
Cleaning ScheduleWeeklyNoWeekly
Cleaning timerUp to 2 hoursUp to 1.5 hoursUp to 2.5 hours
Caddy includedNoNoNo
No. of Motors112
Suction MotorYesYesYes
Suction Rate4500 gallons per hour4000 gallons per hour4500 gallons per hour
Number of Cleaning Brushes112
Quick CleanNoNoNo
Remote ControllerNoNoYes
Drive SystemCleverCleanCleverCleanSmartNav Drive
Warranty2 years2 years3 years

1.  Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner 

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is the first entry on our list for the top Dolphin pool cleaners. It is famous for zero user effort experience because of the pre-programmed and intelligent robotic built. The modern design has advanced technology and CleverClean navigation system for effective and efficient cleaning. Moreover, it is the best price dolphin pool cleaner among the three too.


Compact Design

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has a durable body in black and blue colors. Overall, the color and the handy design make it look very compact. It weighs around 19 to 20 pounds. Few people may find it a bit heavy, but it has a compatible caddy available for you to buy too. However, the weight is not an issue, and it is not that light that floats and not that heavy to get it out of the pool. Also, the structure does not allow the cleaner to carry a lot of water-heavy too.

Moreover, it has soft yet sturdy scrubbing rollers on the front bottom. The power unit is very compact and easy to carry, and of course, the unit stays on the dry land, away from the water.

Other than that, the handle on the top of the cleaning unit makes it very maneuverable. You can easily lift it and drop it into the pool. This pool cleaner comes with a 60 ft. swivel cable that prevents the cleaner from tangling. Thus, the cleaning unit can freely move and navigate the pool of a maximum of 50 ft without any hustle. But be careful to use the handle for taking it out of the water instead of the cable for integrity.

Cleaning Performance

The dirty pools are very normal once they are built under a huge tree, or the weather is very airy and helps carry a lot of leaves, seeds, and dirt. Even the rainy season brings dirt too. Mostly the pool covers help a lot, but the second it is removed, all you will see the specks of debris and dirty laying around the pool.

We all face some common issues, and This Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner is designed to resolve all of these issues. It has an amazing ultra-fine filtration system that can capture the tiniest particle of dirt in no time.

However, you might be debating about the large leaves, twigs, and even stones. This robotic pool cleaner also has a specific filter for that.

Other than that, the climbing ring is placed at the bottom of the cleaning unit. These rings help the unit to climb and stick to the walls while cleaning. Thus, due to its amazing wall climbing, it can vertically navigate the walls and the stubborn waterline. In short, there is no place it can miss the nasty dirt running the crystal-clear pool.


There is a lot of technology we are going to discuss for sure. First in line the Clever, clean technology. Fun fact is the CC in the name abbreviated as CleverClean, so what is it about? This technology actually enables the cleaning unit to scan the pool and map out the distance, corners, and edges. This is also why this Pool Cleaner normally cleans the pool in just two hours; how efficient is that!

It is also helping in detecting and avoiding any obstacle that stops it from cleaning. The weight of the machine is ideal for dragging the lightweight obstacles around too. Thus, cleaning the uneven surfaces is not an issue for the dolphin inground pool cleaner.

Moreover, the cleaner also used a Multi-function power supply function to saves energy and cleaned the pool efficiently. Due to this CleverClean navigation system, the energy is not wasted. Thus, each cleaning cycle almost costs 15 cents worth of electrical energy.


When it comes to usability, the top access filter and schedule control buttons are the first thing that comes in your mind. Let us discuss the top access filter. The cleaning head has a top filter hatch that slid open. The filter bag is effortless to install and remove.

You can easily see the specks of dirt and debris that the Dolphin pool cleaner has extracted from the pool. Now, you might be thinking about how to clean it. So, all you have to do is slid the filter bag, dump the trash out and wash the filter bag under running water. That it! Your cleaner is ready to go.

Similarly, if you still think the pool is full of larger debris, leaves, and stone, switch the fine filter bag with a larger filter mesh. And it is again very easy to clean like the ultra-fine filter.

Furthermore, we have the pre-programmed and programmable cleaning schedules. You can easily program from cleaning every day to every other day for a week in advance. In short, you do not have ON the unit every day, and it will know when to start cleaning the pool itself.

Since we are walking about everyday use, it is important to mention that we do take the cleaning out of the pool while swimming. We are not saying that it is very dangerous and leads to serious hazards, but you do not want to swim around cords. Accidents can happen!

Similarly, keep the power unit out of direct sunlight when working. This will prevent it from overheating.


The retail price of Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is in between the Dolphin CC and premium. Most people find it very expensive, but many different products in the market can’t stand up to the guaranteed crystal-clean pool cleaning. First of all, it is completely robotic. Intelligent technology makes it super-efficient and effective.

Due to advanced technology and working mechanism, it cut a lot of your electricity consumption costs too. Thus, it is a long-lasting and long-term investment for pool owners.


Moreover, the 2 years of warranty makes it easy to maintenance in case of any mishap and malfunctioning.

Unique selling feature

This Dolphin pool cleaner is amazing for any kind of dirt and debris. From the smallest speck of dust to a larger stone, you have two different filtration bags for it. Moreover, it is ideal for any kind of pool flooring, from vinyl to titles.

Another unique feature is the no monitoring weekly schedule system. So, all you have to do is select the cleaning cycle days and let it work for you. So, no more sitting around the pool while the Dolphin cleans the pool, and the cleaning performance is undoubtedly the best and satisfying.

Other than that, the efficient system makes the machine very cost-efficient. It cuts down the electricity cost and helps you in saving the electric energy as well.

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  • Easy usability
  • Auto shutoff
  • Dual filtration size
  • Built-in cleaning timer
  • No installation required
  • Pre-programmed buttons
  • Extra filter included for large debris


  • A bit expensive

2. Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin E10 pool cleaner

Dolphin E10 Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of the best dolphin pool cleaners for an Above-ground pool cleaner. It is compact and light in weight with the best Dolphin technology. It has the smart CleverClean technology that enables the efficient cleaning and crystal-clear pool every time!



Overall, the Dolphin E10 is built with a sturdy body in white. The body is made from anti-shock and extremely durable plastic to keep the internal construction of the cleaning unit safe.

The bristle roller brush is placed that the front bottom, enclosed with the dual gear walking rubbers. This traction rubber chain is what keeps it consistent on the floor and suction up all the dirt in no time.

Other than that, the cleaning performance is only one button away. Thus, no hustle of extra buttons leads to confusion. It is a simple, compact, and lightweight option at an affordable price.

Cleaning Performance

The dual gear wheel chain with a bristle scrubbing brush at the front bottom is made with the best rubbers. The bristle brush may seem hard, but it is perfect for cleaning out all the dirt and debris from the floor. These scrubbing brushes are 2 times more effective than any other cleaners you have ever used.

Moreover, the top-load large filtration basket is amazing in collecting the dirt, debris, leaves, and twigs. The capacity is good enough for you to let it work for an entire season without cleaning. When it comes to cleaning, it is very easy as well.

Just pull out the basket, dump the trash and clean the panels and the bag under running water. So easy and quick!


Like other Dolphin vacuum pool cleaners, E10 also has the CleverClean technology. This technology helps in effective and efficient cleaning. The CleverClean technology lets the cleaning unit scan and monitor the area of the pool. It maps out all the distance from each corner and edge. Thus, the cleaning unit efficiently cleans its way across the pool and avoids any heavy obstacles and corners.

Moreover, CleverClean Technology also saves electricity consumption by cleaning the entire pool in a maximum of 1.5 hours. Thus, it is efficient in cleaning and on the pocket as well.


According to the standard of usability, Dolphin E10 is very convenient. It is light in weight, so no hustle of dragging it out. One of the important features is that it sinks very easily. Most people will think how a lightweight cleaner can sink so easily, but this one does.

The body structure is designed to capture the water weight when you drop the cleaning unit in the water. Similarly, when it is pulled out of the water, it quickly releases the water weight. Thus, you don’t have to work hard in dropping and taking the unit out.

As compared to the other Dolphin pool cleaners in the review, it may not have a weekly scheduler, but it still gives the best cleaning performance without any monitoring, which is good enough for the above-ground pool cleaner.


It is one of the affordable choices that is packed with amazing and dependable Dolphin technology. Moreover, the low maintenance makes it light of the pocket as well. The one thing that you will be spending your money on the ultra-fine filtration panel, and honestly, they are not that expensive as well.


Furthermore, the warranty of 2 years also gives you peace of mind in case of any damage and mishap. And each of the dolphin vacuum for pools is made with the best power-efficient motors, so this one is lighter on pocket as well. In short, it is the most reliable long-term investment for your relaxing, clean above-ground pool.

Unique selling feature

This Dolphin above-ground pool cleaner is made with the ease of a user. It is super easy to maintain and requires no extra hose or other attachments. The only attachment that may require is the ultra-fine filtration panels if your pool is very dirty. And honestly, they are easily available under the same trademark at an affordable price.

Other than that, the cleaning unit itself is very affordable for an above-ground pool. The filtration basket is large enough for you to run the dolphin vacuum cleaner for an entire season without any hustle of cleaning it every week or every month of the pool season.

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  • Good cleaning performance
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Large top-access filter basket
  • Good value at an affordable price
  • Does not require extra attachments


  • Non-swivel cable get tangle easily
  • User needs to buy ultra-fine filter separately

3. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Premier pool cleaner

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is packed with the best of everything that Dolphin can offer. From dual-motor yet a power-efficient system to the best dual brushes and 4-optioned filtration system, this one is a giant. It is an ideal choice for both in-ground pools and the above-ground as well. Moreover, it can work on any flooring such as fiberglass, vinyl, titles, and when concrete too.


Compact Design

Firstly, it is made with an anti-shock and durable grey and blue plastic body. Overall, the cleaning unit has a handy design with an overall weight of 22 pounds.

The first thing that you will notice is the wide carrying handle on the top of the cleaning unit. It is very useful for carrying the unit. It is made with such ease that it equalizes the weight without putting pressure on your arms.

The top access filter is another thing to mention, close to a smart LED. The purpose of such a design is to notify the user about the filter capacity. Every time the filter basket is full, the LED lights up as a warning.

As we go down, you will notice the dual bristle brushes at the front and the sides too. These are the most impressive highlight of this robotic pool cleaner since that gives the best cleaning result without any damage to the pool. And on top of everything, it is ideal for a 50 ft. pool and comes with the 60 ft. swivel cord for efficient cleaning.

Cleaning Performance

The cleaning performance of this one is just amazing. The dual scrubbing brush powered by the dual-motor is ideal for all types of pools, whether in-ground or above-ground. With the help of the climbing ability, brushes can clean the stubborn corners such as steps and waterline.

Moreover, the motors are so efficient that they can easily clean out the 4500 gallons of water in just an hour. And with the scrubbing of the floor and the walls, this cleaning and suction power also enhances the Dolphin Pool Cleaner’s wall-climbing ability.

One of the most important features is the 4 options of filtration panels. You can choose between the ultra-fine to the larger debris collection filtrate panel according to the condition of the pool. If you are using the pool after a whole year, then this pool cleaner is the ideal choice. Thus it saves your effort and labor. So, no more wastage of time and slipping in algae areas.


Each of the Dolphin products is engineered with the best technology. Similarly, there is much amazing technological ease in this pool cleaner too. First of all, let us discuss the SmartNav technology.

As the name suggests, it is based on a smart navigation system. Once you drop the cleaner in the pool, it scans the pool for the area. Thus, it navigates its way through the pool for the dirt, debris, and algae. Here it does not matter if an obstacle sits in the way. It will either suck it up or displace it for a crystal-clear pool. Therefore, it records just 2.5 hours maximum for clean an entire pool of any shape, size, and flooring material.

Second, we have the smart programmable cleaning scheduler and the ease of remote control. You can easily instruct the pool cleaner with the remote. Thus, it does not need any monitoring. Such a time saver and gives you peace of mind as well. as a result, it is among the best Dolphin pool cleaners.


This Dolphin Pool Cleaner is one of the easiest to use and convenient options for sure, and the only reason is the remote control. In short, you do not have to walk to the power unit to ON/OFF and schedule the cleaning cycle. These functions have shrunk to the palm of your hand.

Moreover, people might think that cleaning the large filter will be painful or time-consuming, but no. The filter fabric is so easy to clean under running hose or water. But when it comes to cleaning algae, you might have to be careful, but cleaning the filters is not an issue.

Furthermore, the cleaning unit can be programmed from daily to twice a week or thrice a week cleaning schedule. You do not have to worry about the dirty pool now. The robotic system will do all the cleaning for you.


The retail price of this Dolphin Pool Cleaner is on the higher side. But when we talk about the remote-controlled cleaning unit with two excellent scrubbing brushes, dual motor and of course the warranty of 3 years, the price is totally worth it.

SmartNav drive

One of the highlights of this pool cleaner is that it’s deep clean the pool with super-efficiency. Due to all robotic mechanisms and SmartNav drive, the cost is nothing to be compared; it totally worth the money with the long warranty.

Unique selling feature

Lastly, this pool cleaner is the most versatile and powerful option for both in-ground and above-ground. The dual-motor with the combination of dual scrubbing brush might seem a lot, but they are so efficient that they cut the electricity cost by 90%.

Everything in it is engineered with the best and durable result. Similarly, the four options for filtration panels from micro-dust to larger debris and even algae are another plus. As compared to other dolphin pool cleaners, this pool cleaner will help you a lot with the algae in the pool. In short, no more shovels and extra labor work for you.

Moreover, the extra-large space lasts all season long. Therefore, all you have to do is clean the filter at the end of the season or when the smart full LED is on. How convenient!

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  • Dual Motor
  • Easy to maintain
  • Remote controlled
  • Dual scrubbing brushes
  • 4 top-access filter panel for deep cleaning


  • Cleaning pool steps can be tricky

Top 3 Dolphin Pool Cleaners infographic

Frequently Asked Questions – Top Dolphin Pool Cleaners

1.Can I leave Dolphin pool cleaner in swimming pool?

No, for its maximum life span, you should not leave dolphin pool cleaner in swimming pool. You should let it dry.

2. How long do Dolphin pool cleaners last?

If you take care of the Dolphin pool cleaners, they will last from five to seven years.

3. How often should I run Dolphin pool cleaner?

It depends upon your usage. If you are swimming on daily basis, you should run the pool cleaner at least once a day.

4. Are Dolphin pool cleaners worth the money?

Yes, Dolphin Pool cleaners are among the best robotic pool cleaners and they are definitely worth the money.