Pool Cleaner 101 – What it is and What are its types?

With all the joys of a pool, ownership comes various consequences. Don’t worry, and I am not going to talk about bills here. But of course, BILLS. Just kidding. Your pool is an excellent source of entertainment and swimming for you and your family and friends, and it is also the perfect way of keeping you cool during the hot blazing summer days. But like everything else, the pool demands maintenance. And if you are not a big fan of pool cleaning services, you have come to the right place. Unless you want to transform your pool into a breeding area for mosquitos, a green swamp, or a surface for growing different types of algae, you need to keep a pool cleaning system yourself that will be both; user-friendly and light on your pocket.

But you don’t have a master’s in pool cleaning. Do you? Don’t worry. Neither do us. But we are here today solely for helping you to find the perfect type of cleaning system for your pool. All you need to do is sit back and relax for a while, not in your pool, of course, because we are going cleaning!

Pool Cleaner Types

Telescope pole

When was the last time you had fun with your house cleaning mops and brushes? Now is the time, my friend. Buy yourself a manual cleaner such as a telescope pole with all the attachments; scrubbers, skimmers, brushes, and handheld vacuums that are sure to reach the deepest areas of your pool. The manual method is excellent for you if you are a toned god or goddess as it allows you to put all your efforts into scraping the sides and bottom and to sweep that green and yellow algae off your pool. Never thought of working out this way? A cleaned pool and a workout session? Amazing.

On a serious note, the manual pool cleaning method is an excellent upper body workout, is reasonably inexpensive and doable, and is also great for those who find it satisfying and therapeutic.

Handheld pool vacuum cleaners

If manual cleaning with a telescope pole seems too much for you, try a manual vacuum cleaner. With no mechanical parts, the operator can easily maneuver it across the surface of the pool just like vacuuming the floors of the house. Handheld vacuum cleaners are a perfect way to improve the filtration system of your pool, and this method of cleaning is also inexpensive and easily doable. In addition to this, yet another way of making your pool cleaning session a cheap workout session.

Suction pool cleaners

They are also known as suction side automatic pool cleaners for two reasons; they suck the debris, and they work automatically. What a pleasant discovery! Jokes apart, suction cleaners are connected to the pool’s skimmer. They propel the cleaner throughout the pool using the suction of the filter pump to vacuum and clean the surface of the pool and to remove grime, dirt, and debris. You can even attach an in-line canister to your suction cleaner hose if your pool has a high debris load. It will keep the pump basket from filling with dirt and debris.

The benefits that come with suction pool cleaners are manifold. They are cheaper to purchase, readily available, have fewer moving parts, and are an excellent way to maintain the health of your pool. Use them for tough to reach areas and finer dirt particles, and you won’t regret your decision. But be prepared for cleaning and backwashing your filters more frequently as it increases the dirt load on the filter and more paying more bills as it uses electricity to work.

Robotic Pool cleaner

Doesn’t it look like a dream? A robot cleaning your pool for you? All swept and algae-free. With this robotic pool cleaner, you will know that dreams do come true. Consider it as a new addition to your automatic pool vacuum family. It works independently of your pool’s circulation system. It is very energy efficient as it consists of a built-in motor and a filter that works on a plug and play operation. Being able to grab the tiniest of particles, this robotic pool cleaner can clean and scrub every bit of your poo. Some new models are even Bluetooth compatible and have other fun features like a remote controlling system and timer.

Perfect for a pool that does not have an inbuilt skimmer basket as this cleaner works automatically. The cons of this product include a higher cost and manually emptying the built-in filter.

Pressure Pool Cleaner

Just like robotics, the pressure pool cleaner can work on its power, and it operates independently of the swimming pool’s circulation system. It uses the power of the pump to move or propel along the pool’s surface. As it comes with its filter bag, your swimming pool’s filter system stays stress and load free. The lower cost and easy maintenance of this product is what you might be looking for in a pool cleaner. Works even better with a booster pump to capture larger-sized particles of your swimming pool.

As the structure of this pool cleaner is mounted on wheels for making it easy to move around, they are unable to clean and scrub the surfaces. In addition to this, they have an increased operating cost because most of the new models require extra booster pumps. And you need to work hard to empty the filtration bag.

In-Floor Cleaning Systems

Want to add more luxury to your swimming pool? Go for in-ground swimming pools that have automatic floor cleaning systems, installed wisely during the construction procedure. Its working includes producing a high-pressure current that forces the water to move along the floor of the pool forcing the dirt and debris towards the main drain. From there, the pump is enough to siphon the dirt off and transport it to the filtering system.

If you have a swimming pool yet to construct and if your budget affords it, consider the option of installing an in-floor cleaning system—a sure way of keeping your friends and neighbors jealous of your pool’s cleanliness.