The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist that can keep your House as Good as New

Honestly, we all have heard that home is somewhere your people live with you; otherwise, it is just a house. A house made from wood and bricks. We think that we may have a deep affiliation with the place we live in. Indeed, growing up in your childhood home to paying the down payment of your very first home takes so much effort and hard work.

But like we said, like every relationship, your relationship, your home matters a lot. From squeaky doors to cleaning the gutter, your house needs maintenance as well. You may have seen many people spending their Sunday on the ladder cleaning the roof or pulling away birds’ nests. Indeed, it is not just about the affiliation but also about the investment as well, and you have spent a good amount of effort to have a luxury of a home. Therefore, maintenance is the very first priority of your house.

The only question that stands is there might be so many daunting chores around the house to do.  You may have heard people hiring proper experts for house maintenance every two to five years. Yes, of course, but you might go the extra mile for care.  But what if we say there are just a few things if you check by yourself, you can escape a considerable expenditure for next two to three years. All you need is guidance and few tools on hand. In short, the life of your home depends on you.

If you are new to this maintenance thing, do not worry, this article is all about it. We will walk you through the seasonal and yearly maintenance for the whole house, including gutters, pools, and lawn. So why wait? Let us get your home maintained to be as perfect as you always wanted.

Spring Maintenance Checklist and Guide

Spring is all about the fresh air, and you welcome the good vibes. The same goes with your house, so open the windows and let the house breathe the fresh air. Following are the few things you should consider working on:

  • Let us start with the lawn and outer premises of the house. Well, the winter just ended, now clearing the sky, and your lawn is ready for harvest. Start with cleaning the lawn and backyard. Trim the trees and remove the dead shrubs and get ready to fertilize them for the plants, flowers, and even for your vegetable and fruits garden.
  • Clean the garden hose, sprinklers, and gutter. Look if the drainage system is running fine if not, there might be leaves stuck in there. It is better to clean it or get it cleaned.
  • For most countries, the blizzard and heavy snowfall can affect the house. Get your roof and chimney inspected. Look for damages and any ice dams within the ceilings to avoid any leakage. Also, check for exterior siding damages as well.
  • Repair the sidewalks and driveways. It is essential to even them out to avoid tripping while walking and enjoying the breeze.
  • The window screen also gets damaged by the winters. So, clean them or repair them in time for unexpected leakage.
  • Get your patio chairs out and griller out and clean them in advance. The season is just suitable for cleaning these heavy things for the summer.
  • Get your air conditioner ready for the next season in advance. It is essential to check it now than the time of use. It will help save a lot of money and time. Get the filters clean and, if necessary, seek help from air conditioner service experts.
  • Clean out the air ventilation system for fresh, cool, and clean air supply for the entire house.
  • Get your furniture polished and cleaned.
  • Check for the smoke detector and fire extinguisher.
  • If you have a pool and it is covered, consider cleaning it by the end of the spring. You can either clean by yourself or buy a pool cleaning. There are so many pool cleaners in the market, like automatic and even robotic. If you are looking for one, try checking out our list of best pool cleaners by clicking here.
  • Last but not least, fix the broken lights around the house.
Spring Maintenance Checklist

Summer Maintenance Checklist and Guide

Spring is about enjoying the summer breeze with fresh drinks and delicious BBQ parties, but there are few things that you might need to check on:

  • Clear out the weeds for the garden.
  • Get house to painting. If you have any exterior painting projects, summer is the better time to dry out faster.
  • Clean and paint the fence and get the sprinkler or irrigation system running for fresh lawn and garden.
  • Clean the windows and consider replacing the jammed windows or try to open them up as well.
  • Summer is the best time to flush out the water heaters.
  • Get the bathroom and kitchen repaired if needed.
  • Clean and repair the decks. Get them polished and painted.
  • Check for all the locks around the house for safety.
  • Oil the door hinge to get rid of squeaky sounds from the doors.
  • Get the ceiling fan cleaned and the regulators fixed as well. Reverse the ceiling fan setting to anti-clockwise for cooler air.
  • Get yourself prepared for the heatwave; try buying draping sheets or curtains for the windows and get your water bottles and a few emergencies equipment ready.
  • Combat the insects. Yes, summer is all about the bees, roaches, and mosquitoes but try using repellants, spray, and even lotions. Seal the holes to avoid cockroaches, especially in the bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Drain out the pool and refill it with clean water. Also, use a good pool cleaner to have the pool clean and clear for the entire summer. Looking for the best pool cleaner, try one from the list too, click here.
Summer Maintenance Checklist

Fall Maintenance Checklist and Guide

Fall takes a brown coat over the trees, and the weather is beautiful, but it is the best time to prepare your house for the winter season. Here is a list of tasks you may consider getting done before the winter:

  • The trees are shedding, and the leaves are turning try. Try to keep the lawn and garden clean and look out for the plants that may die because of frostbites.
  • Shut off the sprinkles and store away the plant irrigation system.
  • Cover up all the faucets to protect them from winters.
  • Get your sump pump up and running.
  • Remove the summer window screens and invest in storm winter window screens. They are just perfect for keeping the windows safe from blizzard damages.
  • Fox the fireplace. Yes, it is time for you to enjoy the hot cocoa cup next to the fireplace to get it cleaned, fixed, and checked.
  • Check the chimney and get it cleaned. Or maybe clean it yourself.
  • Reverse the ceiling fan clockwise for warm air. It can facilitate the heating system of the house as well.
  • Buy a few of the winter gears like a shovel if you don’t have any. Otherwise, find them and keep them in the storage or any place that is accessible.
  • Clean the dust and remove lint.
  • Cover the air conditioner and outer units with waterproof covers
  • If you are thinking of any interior painting project, then fall is the best time.
  • Get the water heater ready.
  • Clean the pool and cover it. If you do not have a pool cover, consider buying one.
  • If you have a generator, get the power supply and store them safely for winter.
Fall Maintenance Checklist and Guide

Winter Maintenance Checklist and Guide

Winter is more like hibernation stage for your house, but still, there are few things you need to look at and maintain for easy winters and springs:

  • Be active and notice any damages during the snowstorms. For now, they might be covered with the snow dams, but you might need to check on them when the winter is over.
  • Check the basement. Yes, most of the house broiler system is in the basement. Check for it and may consider cleaning the cellar as well.
  • Clean the kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans and ducts.
  • Clean the air filter of the stove and oven. Since the holiday season comes in winter, you may be using the stove and oven a lot.
  • Use up the generator and keep the supply safe.
  • Check for the smoke detectors.
Winter Maintenance Checklist and Guide

Even if you follow the maintenance plan for the seasons, there are few things you must look after weekly, monthly, and annually. Besides that, few other things might not need maintenance for a year or two, but eventually, you need to get the check. Therefore, we have further created an extensive list to resolve a few of such issues:

Weekly Maintenance Checklist and Guide

  • Clean the appliances you use daily.
  • Invest in a good blow-dryer. It is not just for clearing the racked leaves but can help clean the dust off the garage and even vents.
  • Get your bathroom, sinks, and tubs cleaned every week.

Monthly Maintenance Checklist and Guide

  • Clean your cloth dryer for any lint.
  • Clean your dishwasher.
  • You may have another appliance that you hardly use. Run the appliance once a month for smooth workability even needed.
  • Disinfect the trash cans by washing them.
  • Check for many switches, blubs, and any electrical faults and get them repaired as soon as possible.
  • Clean out your kitchen cabinets and pantry. It helps a lot in finding the bug holes and keep the kitchen organized.

Annual Maintenance Checklist and Guide

  • Get your carpets cleaned and washed.
  • Get your garage cleaned and sell out anything you do not want anymore. It is better to have space.
  • Tune the heating and furnace systems
  • Check the filters of heather, ventilator, and air conditioners, and many will refer to it as checking the HVAC filters. Get them to replace if necessary.
  • Try to get rid of any ice damages. They are weakening the walls of the house and damaging the foundation.
  • Clean the gutters.
  • Invest in a dehumidifier for the house. It may cost a bit, but it is an excellent way of protecting your home against seasonal changes.
  • Look out for termites, especially if you have wooden insultations. They can be a big disaster but can be treated in time. Otherwise, you may suffer significant loss over the repair budget.
  • Get your water tanks checked and cleaned. It is essential to check for leakage because tank leakage is hard to know in time.
  • Oil the door’s hinges to avoid the squeaky sound and oil the window to avoid any jammed situation after.
  • Check the locks all around the house.
  • Clean the pools. You may have heard from many people that their pool has been shut off and covered for years. Honestly, the pool can harvest so many bacteria and be a reason for all the bugs coming into your house. Get it cleaned every year whether you are using it or not. We recommend manual clean-up every time you start using and then closing. In between, invest in a good pool cleaner. We have some recommendations from high-end to cheap yet best pool cleaners. Click here to check them out.
  • Check for outdoor sprinklers and irrigation systems. Most of them do not last for a year, so invest in good material.
Maintenance Checklist and Guide

Three years Maintenance Checklist and Guide

  • Check for termites; as we said, they can be a disaster.
  • It’s time to seal the grouts. You may have seen the tiny holes between the tiles or around the kitchen. Get yourself a sealant and cover them up. It also helps in discoloration and water seeping through the holes.

Get your ducts and vents cleaned by a professional. You may have cleaning them around the year, but it is better to have them cleaned by a professional this time.

  • Get your bathroom furniture polished. You may have polished the living room and dining room furniture every spring, but it’s time for the bedrooms to get revitalized.
  • Look out for any rusty utensils, door hinges, and metal holders around the house. They can lead to bad jams.

Five years Maintenance Checklist and Guide

  • Consider painting the house. The maximum paint that can stay on the walls is for 3 to 5 years. You have reached the maximum limit of the color so paint the entire house.
  • Replace the smoke detectors because they have reached their limit too.

Ten years Maintenance Checklist and Guide

  • Most of the dishwashers last for ten years. Even if it lasted longer, it is out-to-date now, and you may not find its genuine parts. It is better to replace it.
  • Replace the kitchen sink and faucet. They have also lasted for too long.
  • Replace the water heater as well.
  • Consider getting a new garage door as well. It might have rusted out.
  • Install a new cooking range or maybe a refrigerator. They have also reached the maximum limit.

15 years Maintenance Checklist and Guide

  • Check if the roof material is intact. At this point, many roofing materials have reached their half-life, and it is better to check for maintenance.
  • It’s time to replace the decks. The wooden decks may have been washed by a power washer, scrubbed, and polished, but it is better to change them before they crack by your weight.
  • Get a new HVAC system installed. It may need a great budget, but once you have replaced them with the older units, it will save utility bills with better maintenance options.

The Benchmark to Renovation

Fifteen years is the most significant benchmark for your house. After full 20 years, you have to consider renovating the entire house according to the new trends. Honestly, if you follow these maintenance plans, you almost save so much money by the time you renovate the house. But still, this is your home, and you have spent so many bittersweet memories.

Concluding Note

Do keep in mind the foundation, bricks of the house, and chimneys are forever; you just have to look after what is all over it. So, think about it, take some time to adapt these healthy maintenance habits. Now the life of your home is in your hand, and with tiny steps, you can live a happy and carefree life in your beautiful home.

Have happy days ahead!