Expert’s pick: What Do Zodiac G3 Pro Reviews Say?

Zodiac G3 Pro has gained immense popularity over the years. want to know why? Read ahead to find out!

Zodiac is a renowned company that specializes in the best pool cleaning equipment. Indeed, you have already heard about so many affordable projects from them. Each product has a unique appeal and is designed under the supervision of many years of experience. They have the most durable, high-tech yet straightforward in-use pool cleaners that people absolutely love.

That’s why they are withstanding the demands of the market as well. But today, we are going to review one of their best seller pool cleaners for in-ground pools, G3 Pro or W03000 G3 Suction Side Automatic pool cleaner.

In this review, we are going to review all about the style, usability, and effective cleaning of the Zodiac G3 Pro. Many people claim it is to be the best one to have at an affordable market price. But we are here to test and justify it. But before we dig in, we must say it is surprisingly impressive. Indeed, an exceptional product by Zodiac with a simple design yet powerful performance. So, why wait? Let us discuss this tall cleaning monster in detail.

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Weight18.2 pounds
Dimensions41.5 x 8 x 18 inches
Pool cleaner’s orientationSuction Side
Pool Flooring RecommendationAll
Pool Type RecommendationIn-ground pools
Pool Size Recommendation30 ft. to 35 ft.
Hose Length39 ft.
Hose SwivelNo
Pool CoverageFloor, and Walls
Flow Regulator ValveYes
Quick CleanNo
Remote ControllerNo
Connection sourcePool’s Skimmer or 1.5″ independent Vacuum Line
Warranty1 year

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Zodiac G3 Pro Pool Cleaner


Long Diaphragm Design

If a robotic boxed or rectangular styled Pool cleaner is in mind and came across Zodiac G3 PRO, then you might get puzzled. You may also think that it’s more like an old project or maybe old in design but wait till you check it. But the Zodiac G3 W03000 Suction Side Automatic pool cleaner is a one-piece pool cleaner.

Of course, the first thing that you will instantly notice is the extended diaphragm and the fin. Yes! The one-piece cleaner has a rod with the whole system built and the fin that will clean the pool. No wheels, no gears, and no scrubbing flapper whatsoever. It is so simple and unique and definitely away better than the complex assemblies.

One of the benefits of having a one-piece cleaner has is low maintenance. You do not have to suffer from broken gears or replacements of the wheels. Thus, it is easy to maintain, and here is a caught; it comes with a year warranty if there is an issue with the internal mechanism.

The functionality of the Fin Disc

This one-piece cleaner has just one movable part, and that is the prominent blue rubber fin. The fin of the Zodiac G3 pro is made with the best grade rubber used in making industrial heavy vehicle tyers. You will notice that the rubber is made into one by adding two layers of this durable rubber along with the adhesion lining.

The adhesion lining is an essential part for us to discuss because it facilitates the movement and traction of the fin. It helps the cleaner standing still under the immense water pressure while the fin cleansers the surface area in contact. Therefore, it helps with the movement too with the combination of the suction system.

Furthermore, we have put the fin to test by cleaning corners and steps. It may be tricky with the steps and slopes, but the fin was exceptional for cleaning those stubborn corners that definitely need manual cleaning.

In-Line Leaf Catcher Canister

The G3 Pro pool cleaner has one of the Zodiac signature leaf catching systems called Baracuda In-Line Leaf Catcher Canister. The system is intelligently designed for their diaphragm-styled cleaner to ensure the best cleaning of the stones, leaves, and twigs.

Thus, the system helps in trapping debris before it reaches the pool skimmer or circulation system. Therefore, you do not have to worry about leaves blocking out the entire pool circulation system, so the cleaning is never interrupted.

The Leaf Catcher will catch all excessive amounts of leaves and debris for you in no time, but there is a slight fallback. It might be tricky with the large-sized leaves. We recommend fishing them out and then clean the pool with the Zodiac G3 Pro. It might seem like a lot of work, but it’s totally worth the clean pool.

Flow Regulator Valve

Hands down to the best part of the cleaner, water flow regulation system. If you have already used a cleanser that works with the pool skimmer, you already know the water pressure fluctuates. Honestly, it is one of the most common issues that most pool cleaners face, and sometimes the cleaners’ performance is affected by the excessive water flow.

If the water pressure is low, the pool cleaner might not have any effect, but if the water flow and pressure are excessive, it disturbs the pool cleaner’s performance and stability. Thus, the G3 Pro has an in-built system to adjusts itself to avoid any interruption in the cleaning processing. Yes! It regulates the water while cleaning the pool. How conveniently multi-tasker the cleaner is!


  • Quietest
  • Ideal for small pools
  • Low-cost Maintenance
  • Durable fin with suction
  • Long-Life diaphragm design
  • Works on all pool surfaces
  • Durable fin with suction


  • Not ideal for steps and slopes
  • Tricky with large leaves and twigs

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Our Experience with Zodiac G3 Pro

Many people have rated Zodiac G3 pro based on its design and structure, but we believe in the performance and real-time user experience. Therefore, we test the product ourselves and help you with the best description of the experience. For us, Zodiac G3 Pro was one of the simplest, quietest, and efficient among the other automatic pool cleaners.


The long diaphragm design might not be handy like other traditional designed pool cleaners, but it is not complex and hard to assemble. Get it out of the garage or storage and drop it in the pool. Connection is relatively simple, too; you can easily connect it to the skimmer or even by using a 1.5 Vacuum inlet pump. It might cost you a bit, but indeed, it’s a long-term investment for the cleaner pool.

Even with the vacuum inlet, the performance of the Zodiac G3 Pro is swift and quiet. You will not hear any buzzing and splashing of the cleaner. Honestly, you will find it fun to see the diaphragm roaming around sucking up all the gunk, especially those unreachable stubborn corners.


The leaf canister and the combination of the suction motor in the fin are just perfect for all seasons. The suction depends on the skimmer or the vacuum line, but one thing is assured: the power it consumes is not wasted. Thus, the cleaning performance is incredible.


Lastly, if we compare the price over the performance of the Zodiac G3 pro, it is pretty standard. Let us be real; it hardly has any maintenance cost that we absolutely adore. Who wants to run around and call customer service every day for gear or wheel replacement. The traction over the floor is reason enough for a squeaky clean pool, and it is worth every penny too. But do keep in mind the pool size; it is for 30 ft. to 35 ft. in-ground pools. You can always look for a hose extension if you are really interested in buying it for larger pools.

Leave a comment and let us know if you have ever tried the Zodiac G3 Pro. We would love to hear from you. Till then, Happy cleaning!