Expert’s pick: What Do Zodiac MX8 Reviews Say?

Zodiac MX8 reviews to be among the best pool cleaners. Read ahead for details.

Zodiac is one of the leading companies when it comes to affordable automatic pool cleaners. The company has years of experience and has well-devised technology and design that makes their products stand out in the market. The users seem pretty satisfied by their product; that’s why the demand keeps them at the top of the business.

This review will discuss one of the most popular and used products MX8 Suction-Side zodiac automatic pool cleaner. It is an advanced, stylish, and versatile Automatic pool cleaner that you will ever have! The MX8 is built with a durable body and advanced technology that include a dual cyclonic cleaning system for effective cleaning. Over the top, it is built while keeping the traction and mobility issues. This little guy is more like a friendly monster for your In-ground pools. Let us dig into what else it got!


ColorBlue and Grey
Weight7 pounds
Dimensions16 x 11.4 x 8.66 inches
Pool cleaner’s orientationSuction Side
Suction rate20 gallons per minute
Pool Flooring RecommendationAll
Pool Type RecommendationIn-ground pools
Pool Size Recommendation30 ft. to 35 ft.
Cable Length39 ft.
Cable SwivelYes
Pool CoverageFloor, Walls, and Steps
Flow Regulator ValveYes
Quick CleanNo
Remote ControllerNo
Drive systemX-Drive with directional navigation
Warranty2 years

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Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner



Zodiac company follows a distant design as their signature. So you will notice the first thing with the broad cleaner with the durable body and the contrasting colors blue and grey that give it a shine and eye-catching finish.

Let us break out the structure a bit more. The overall design of the MX8 Zodiac automatic pool cleaner helps in covering the larger area for cleaning. It makes the cleaning process much quicker by covering the maximum area. Here is a catch, it might look cumbersome with the structure and the body, but it is so light in weight that you will be surprised. This is one of the unique selling points of this zodiac pool vac because you can easily carry it around; storing and submerging it is not a problem.

The best thing that you will instantly notice is the pair of wheels and gear chains. It might be the traditional mobility design, but the company has given the MX8 the best traction. The cleaner will hover over any hurdle against the water pressure in no time. Hence, it has solid wall ability too.

Furthermore, the bottom of the MX8 has a dual cyclonic with the quietest cleaning system ever. If you leave the cleaning in the pool and sit by it reading a book, you will literally be confused if it is even ON. This is how it is noiseless!

Last but not least, it also comes with a 39 ft. hose or water cable. According to the pool size, the hose is expandable, and the connector hose can be found anywhere and available online too by the company. But overall, it is the best automatic Zodiac pool cleaner especially recommended for small pools.

Dual Cyclonic cleaning turbines

Let us talk about how this little monster cleans your pool. The bottom of the MX8 pool cleaner has dual cyclonic turbines. It is one of the best innovations by the company since these powerful turbines create strong suction. In addition, the turbine moves so fast that they make cyclones. The cyclones then knock off any dirt and debris off the floor and then get sucked into the cleaner.

You might be thinking that without any brushes, it will not be effective. But you were amazed too after seeing its cleaning result. The turbines are powered with the fastest speed possible to create the mini but intense cyclones, and with the combination of the broadhead design, the cleaner will cover the floor, steps, ladder, and even those stubborn corners too in no time. Thus, it can easily clean all kinds of dirt and debris, including grit, sand, leaves, and even pine needles. Moreover, this dual cyclonic technology also facilitates the climbing ability of the cleaner along with the traction drive since it creates strong suction.

Amazing Maneuverability

The signature X-Drive is also included in the MX8, but this time it is better. Unlike MX6, the MX8 zodiac pool vac has a directional control gear. The X-drive directional system allows the cleaner to move in all directions and reach the stubborn corners, stairs, steps, or any hard-to-get spots for cleaning.

Moreover, the combination of traction and X-Trax mobility system is exceptional. This combination makes the MX8 the best wall climber and unique for cleaning steps. In short, no area is left behind, uncleaned for sure.

Power Efficient

The MX8 is super-efficient when it comes to energy usage. It is so versatile that it works the same with TWO variable speed pumps. The cleaner can operate to a minimum of 20 gallons per minute of suction. The consistency of suction is not just what we like; they have also added an adjustable debris size collector outlet.

Thus, you can easily adjust the cleaner according to the size of dirt and debris in the pool. Moreover, the regulatory flow valve is also included in MX8 to control water flow. If the water flow is excessive for the cleaner, the regulatory water valve will help in operating the workability efficiently.


  • Light in weight
  • X-Drive mobility
  • Dual Cyclonic suction
  • Ideal for small pools
  • 39 ft. hose included
  • Stylish and wide body
  • Automatic Navigation
  • Large and adjustable Leaf Inlets
  • Bi-directional Maneuverability


  • Filter needs to be clean frequently
  • Might need to buy a hose extension

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Final Verdict – Zodiac MX8 reviews

You will find many reviews about Zodiac MX8 all over the internet. But we want to provide our readers with the details for our personal experience. We found the Zodiac MX8 very simple, easy to use, and indeed a good pool cleaner.

We think that simplicity is perfection itself; thus, the first impression straight off was that this pool cleaner would be a good one. Then we finally drop it in the pool to test it. Again, no float issue occurred that we appreciate.

Within the fifteen minutes of our test run, we carefully examined how it can clean the pool effectively and efficiently. Honestly, we got the pool extremely filthy with debris, pine needles, sand, leaves, and even sand. This little guy from the Zodiac did not disappoint.

Zodiac MX8 is swift and quiet that it was so satisfying to see how it was roaming around sucking up all the gunk. Then the moment came that we were excited to see wall climbing. Again, it was very swift and cleaned the steps and walls.

We have read online that it may die in the middle of a cleaning operation. Well, not for us, or maybe their MX8 might have run for a longer time than the cleaning is done for, or perhaps they have a larger pool. Or maybe, got a faulty one. But it can be fixed by contacting the company’s customer service. Also, the pool cleaner comes with two years of warranty.

To conclude, if we compare the performance and the price of the Zodiac MX8, we must say it is worth it. The traction is good, with fantastic cleaning and climbing ability. The only fallback was the filter size, or maybe we went overboard with making the pool dirty. According to our expert Zodiac MX8 reviews, it was an 8 out of 10. Final note, it was worth spending money!

Leave a comment and let us know if you agree with us. We would love to hear from you. Till then, Happy cleaning!